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Raising Your Vibrational Frequency

Raising Your Vibrational Frequency ~ Breathing Technique

There are probably many ways to raise your vibrational frequency but the breathing technique that I used to save my life had the benefit to me of raising my vibrational frequency, opening me up to the other side and helping to bring out the joy that lives inside each of us. I thought this may help people.

Its called transformational breathing, and its based on the universal principle of entrainment which states " lower vibrational patterns can be permanently changed into higher frequency patterns by coming into contact with a higher vibrational energy force."

The life force primary access to us is breathing. With this high vibrational energy force you can create permanent healing on a cellular level. This technique removes traumas, old emotions, clears the subconscious of negativity even those of past lives. Once this is done you will more easily connect with higher states of consciousness and self(soul).

The main technique is breathing into the lower respiratory system using the diaphragmatic muscles- belly breathing.

Sit in a chair with your wieght firmly on the back or lie down on the floor with you knees bent and feet on the floor. Mouth fully open jaw relaxed. You will be breathing in through the mouth and out through the mouth keeping the breath connected. Breathing into the belly.. when you breathe in, your belly should expand and when you breath out it should go down like ocean waves. Breathe in 2 beats on the inhale 1 beat on the exhale. The exhale is like a quick sigh. Emphasize the inhale and completely relax on the exhale. This may take some practice, I had the help of a facilitator. Its hard to keep the mouth fully open or your mouth will dry out but keep breathing. Any pause in your breathing represents holding on to negativity and not letting go fully.

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To practice do 100 breathes...100 breaths to joy, should take about 5 minutes. You may feel a number of sensations in your body...tingles, pain..pockets of numbness, hot and cold. Have no fear these represent blocked patterns of energy. Its important to breath into these sensations so they can be dissolved and the energy can flow.
After you do 100 breathes enjoy and accept what your feeling and go into your normal meditation.

A Full Breathe Session takes about 45 minutes.
Consciously decide what is your intension (your goal) for this session.
First pray before you start then belly breathe as discussed above for about 10 to 15 minutes. When you start to feel blocked patterns of energy as discussed above use Toning (sacred sound to move the blocked patterns of energy) Toning is hard to explain unless you've heard it but breathe into the belly and instead of breathing out let out a clear, loud, long sound like "ahh" until all the air is out of your belly do this three or four times. The sound is sort of like when the doctor says open up and say ah but longer. Eventually you may be able to adjust the ah to be like the same vibrations you feel in your body. then breathe some more. Return to breathing, the session may become a little intense but always except any emotions you may feel, breathe through them work through them except may cry, laugh feel overwhelming joy, but keep breathing.
The next step is to breath your intension which must be in the affirmative like I am happy I am Healthy. Do that for 3 to 5 minutes.
Slow your breathing....
The final part is to receive any gifts or insights that your higher self or spirit/guides would like for you to have. So just "be" for a while and enjoy your relaxation, this sacred time you've given your self. Take a few deep breathes and come back into your body. You may want to write in a journal any revelations or thoughts you have.

This technique can be challenging to do yourself, there are guided cds and facilitators available if you research it. One full breathe session is equal to 1 year of therapy. I try to do at least 100 breathes a day. I can only say this, that a few years ago before I learned the breathing I wanted to die, I was so angry and now I want to live and I am aware of the joy that is inside me and I have raised my vibrational frequency to put me in touch with the other side and me dad who past away.

I'd be happy to try and answer any questions for those interested.

Peace and Joy

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Raising Your Vibrational Frequency ~ Breathing Technique

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Written by Tony, designed by Sol © Mystic Familiar 2006

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