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Healing, Healing Practices, Distance Healing, Ascension, Chakra, Colour Healing, Counselling, Meditation and Visualisation, Mirror Protection, Multidimensional Colour, Protection, Creating, Knot Garden, Herbs
This is a Healing index of healing practices that can be found in Mystic Familiar providing insights into healing by healers, for people with an interest in healing.

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Information about Distance Healing

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Healing a Beginners Guide, an introduction to healing

Innocence & Familiarity


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Healing Information in our Mystic Familiar Classes Archive

Ascension 5 ~ Chakra Cleansing 6 ~ Colour Healing 8 ~ Counseling Session part 1 10

Counseling Session part 2 11 ~ Counseling Session part 3 12

Distance Healing 13 ~ Energy 14 ~ Healers 4a ~ Healers -Chakras 4b

Mediation 1 ~ Meditation & Visualisation 2 ~ Mirror Protection Technique 3

Multidimensional Colour Healing 9 ~ Protection - Creating Reality 3

Q & A 7

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Knot Garden - Herbs

Achillea Yarrow Achillea Ageratum

Artemisia Arbrotanum Artemisia Absinthium ~ Vervain Verbena Officinalis

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