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Healing A Beginners Guide. Many types of healing from a basic 'laying on ' of hands to Spiritual healing, Reiki, Aura cleansing, psychic, spiritual


Healing A Beginners Guide

An Introduction to Healing

There are several types of healing from a basic 'laying on ' of hands to some rather complex and interestingly named practices, some of which use electromagnets and other apparatus; crystals, colour; sound; .... the number and variety of types is limitless. Spiritual healing, Reiki, Aura cleansing, you will probably know many others too.

Healing is a very subjective subject, i.e. most healers work in different ways... even those who use the same 'type'. I can only and will only talk about what I do Spiritual healing (laying on of hands). It is sometimes called Faith healing, but I don’t like to think of it like that because it implies that you must have faith to do it or receive it. I don’t feel this is true but I would suspect it is more effective if the therapist has

Healing is a transfer of energy, usually from a source bigger and higher than us, God, Higher Self, Universe, Mother Earth, wherever it comes from it is channelled through the healer into the person, place, creature, in need.

As with all psychic/spiritual gifts, I believe we are all born with the ability to heal. if a crying child comes to us with a sore knee, most of us will instinctively put our hands on the sore bit and rub it better. But like all of us can play football, some don’t ever play, some play at weekends and train a bit, others work really hard; practice and train, and hone their skills to play in the big leagues. Every so often comes a David Beckham, a Pele etc and they are spectacularly good.

I found my first teachers on this healing path within the Christian Spiritualist church where I got a chance to do it during their healing circle after the service, I went on to train with the Healing Practitioner Assn which is affiliated to that organisation; practising and learning within the church. I read and asked all sorts of questions and generally became a sponge. Many organisations will help you with this, many books and many wonderful teachers in this site and others.

A question I am asked by people interested in healing is 'How do you heal?' Generally I say “I don’t” I am just a conduit, a channel for this energy. If it is good for this person at this time, in their higher interests and what they really want, it will be effective.

The practicalities of “how do I do it” I will explain, but first I have to remind you this is A way to do Spiritual Healing' not THE way.

First I create a space, a place that is free with no distractions. I light candles, blue seems to be the colour for healing work, and put on some soft meditation music

Then I get the person to sit in a dining type chair (if they can) because it makes it easier to get round them and go where I feel I need to... I ask them to sit with uncrossed arms and legs, if they are able. This means that the energy flows smoothly through their body.

I stand behind them and place my hands just above their shoulders and say a short prayer to my god, asking that I be used to channel healing to them and that it goes to where it is needed. I ask for help from my guides and spiritual helpers.

I visualise light coming down and a tap at the end. I turn it on and accept the healing energy into me. I then 'see' it going to my hands.

I find that just giving yourself this wee space allows you to tune in to the energy and the person whom you are working with.

I move my hands to their heads and explain that they may feel heat, tingling, cold or even very little. I then really concentrate and start. As I work I sometimes feel 'hotspots'. Areas where my hands really get warm, this usually coincides with painful areas, so I focus and using my imagination to 'see' the energy going there. I stay at the area of the hot spots until I feel I should move on. At other times I go to areas where I am drawn to.

As I work I am always aware of where my hands are in relation to their body, nowadays, it is best to be careful, also it makes the person feel a little more comfortable.

Once I have finished or completed a round of their body, located all the hotspots or feel just that it is done, I stand again with my hands above their shoulders and visualise the tap being turned off. Thru experience I always turn it off, break the link, because if you don’t you will keep sending energy to them and you need it for your own life. I say short prayer of thanks to my God, and guides and ask that they break the link between myself and the but continue the healing.

This is just a very skeletal outline, you can’t really do it wrong, and you will find the way that is right for you. Like all Healers I have learned what suits me, what is right for me, as you will. I have tried several different ways of doing the above and this also means that I am not just doing something like a robot it varies dependant upon circumstances and person.

I personally don’t ask what is wrong with the person. I just rely on being guided to the place where the healing is needed. I have also found that sometimes I am drawn to do healing on a place removed from where they are actually feeling the pain, but the healing is effective because it seems I have found the true source.

This is such a huge subject with many, many different avenues. Like religion but like I keep saying go with what you are drawn to, there is no wrong way, you will develop your own way and continue to do so all the years you work.

Mystic Familiar has great teachers, much knowledge both written in the boards, archive and library and even more in the heads of the people who use the rooms. There are development groups for healers and nights to practice your healing online. I just visualise the above with the person I am giving healing to, as if I was there with them and it seems to work!

It doesn’t have to be all serious and reverential, have fun, know what ever you can give is always appreciated by others, even if they don’t say so lol.. and have fun.. It’s great to get good feedback, help carry or even relieve others pain.

light and love

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Healing A Beginners Guide. Many types of healing from a basic 'laying on ' of hands to Spiritual healing, Reiki, Aura cleansing, psychic, spiritual

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