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Origins of Valentines Day Love & Romance, Mystic Familiar Free Psychic Chat Rooms

The Origins of Valentines Day

Love & Romance

Red Roses for Love

Have you ever wondered how Valentines Day came about? Why do we send anonymous cards, poems and messages of love to the one we love? Love, cupid, flowers, red roses, poems & versus are all part of valentines day things we give to the one we love where did this all begin?
Origins of Valentines Day Love & Romance, Mystic Familiar Free Psychic Chat Rooms

Valentine was a priest in third century Rome.It was ruled by Emperer Claudius.
The Emporer wanted a large army,but men were not too happy about leaving their wives and families for long periods of time.
Not many men would sign up to his army as they were married,and so Emperer Claudius passed a law that forbid marriage.He thought if they were not married they would be more willing to sign up for his army.

This was a cruel law,and Valentine sympathised with couples in love,and he would marry them in secret.After a time Claudius found out that Valentine had been performing marriages,and Valentine was thrown into prison and setenced to death.

In the long lonely hours in prisonValentine became friendly with the jailkeepers daughter,they spent many happy hours together.
When the day came for Valentine to be executed he left a note for the jailkeepers daughter,which ended in "love from your Valentine".

It is thought this is how the tradition started and the sending of cards to your valentine continues today.


The origins of Valentines Day ~ Love & Romance

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Origins of Valentines Day Love & Romance, Mystic Familiar Free Psychic Chat Rooms

White & Red Roese togther for Unity

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