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Akashic Records and Boji Stones

MidsAkashic RecordsThe term Akashic Records are referring to a universal filing system, which has recorded every sound, thought, ideas and sound vibration since time began. In Sanskrit, Akashic Records means space, sky, and the nether world. The Akashic Records have five principles of energies. When you view the Fire energy will be the action the drive that would propel the energy into a new level. Air energy would be the mental force that gathers information and applies it to a new form. Earth energy would be viewed as physical production of what was applied and the result and the Water energy would be the emotional standpoint of layers of levels within a foundation. This Cosmic consciousness is a collective energy of the five principles.

The Akashic Records can be tapped into if a person is in one of the states of consciousness; psychic state medium ship/psychic readings, meditations, sleep/trance levels (Edgar Cayce did readings in a sleep like state/trance). These records known as Akashic records lie between the astral and mental worlds-dimensional levels that exist within our universe. There are seven Astral Planes within these the unconscious energy relates to 1st 2nd 3rd planes. Collective unconscious relates to reality, your spirit guides, and the higher self also this would include other beings that have similar vibration frequencies.

When a person moves their energy through the 4th 6th 7th levels of the Astral Planes with their own cosmic mind you then access/tune into these records. When viewing these Akashic Records a person might see events with huge amounts of energy that is shown around the event energy field.

There are some gemstones related to the Akashic Records one is the Ajoite which is found in the Arizona deserts the year was about 1960s and Ajoite was a lso mined for awhile in the South African region but that mine became to difficult to mine more of this stone. Ajoite works with the Hearth and Throat Charkas they assist in releasing anger, body sorrows and fear from the body restoring balance and peace. Shaman healers use this stone as they feel it changes negative energy into positive. It is highly prized by the Shaman and in their work thus in helping energy of a person who has old wounds that can be healed and released. Ajoite stone relates to the Mother Goddess energies so if strongly connects to Earth.Boji Stones

Boji Stone is another one you can use, and if you take 2 Boji stones and hold them in your palms one of the Boji stones in your right and the other in your left palm and roll them within your palm you might sense a pull and push when you roll the Boji stones back and forth. The male Boji stone is crystallized in appearance and the female is smooth and they seem to have an electromagnetic energy negative (-) and positive (+) fields hence the pull and push sensation.

If you want to use them in healing put the Boji stone near the head and the other at the feet area, what the reaction of energy being used with these Boji stones is balancing and aligning your body’s energy field. By holding a Boji stone in an area where there is pain in the body it gives relief to that area.

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Written Tajika Mystic Familiar 2009

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