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Flower Wisdom ~ The Ogham Trees & Plants

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Flower Wisdom

The Ogham Trees & Plants

The Ogham language is one of the ancient Celtic civilisation believed to have been left to us by Druids and shamanic bards if the time.

These writings have been found on standing stones used by the Celts. Each of these Druidic impressions are believed to contain Druid lore illustrating the 21 letters contained within the Ogham and each of these are related to a tree or shrub these in turn have their own meanings and significances to carry.

"If a tree, plant or flower (jumps) out on you whilst out walking, take note of it, greet it and acknowledge it. Then research it, it's qualities and characteristics will have meaning for you. It may reflect those awakening within you or those needed for the next stage of your earthwalk...."Alginanhawkeye

Here we have tried to provide some information relating to the Ogham language and knowledge of trees, flowers and plants.

Flowers Plants and Trees
Celtic Name
Latin Name
Related Colour
Ogham Flower Meaning

Related Month of the Year & Sabbat Celebrations

Choices, spiritual guidance and protection. Can indicate a time for making decisions. Can be used to attract air elementals
March 18 to April 14
Apple Tree
Pyrus Malus
Youth, magic, beauty and happiness. Can indcaite a time for decision making
Fraxinus Excelsior
Bottle Green
Sensitivity, sacrifice and higher wisdom. Can indicate a time of restrictions

February 18 to March 17

Spring Equinox March 21st

~ Springtide ~ Eostar ~

Aspen Tree
Silver White
Determination, overcoming fears and doubts. Can indicate a time of worry.
Beech Tree
Fagus Salavtica
Orange or Brown
Tolerance, past knowledge. Can indicate a time of insightful understanding.
Betula Pendula
New beginnings, cleansing of past. Can indicate a period of change.

December 24 to January 20

Christmas Day December 25


Sambucus Nirga
Dark Green
Judgment, change, renewal, destiny. Communication with the world of the fey or fairy world. Can indicate a time be guard against unhelpful thoughts.
November 25 to December 22



Ulex Europaeus
Yellow Gold
Furze is associated with the Celtic fire Festival of Lughnassadh. Can indicate a time of life changing events through the acquisition of knowledge.

~ Lammas ~ Lughnassadh ~

August 2nd

Creativity, magik/magic. Can indicate a period of restrictions.
May 13 to June 9
Hidden wisdom. Can indicate a time to tap hidden resorces
August 5 to September 1
Healing from within, initiation. Can indicate a period a period of spiritual growth.
Ilex Aqualfolium
Dark Grey
Overcoming anger, spiritual warrior. Can indicate help to deal with and overcome future problems.

July 8 to August 4

~ Lammas ~ Lughnassadh ~

August 2nd

Ivy Shrub
Hedra Helix
Sky Blue
Can indicate a time of deep reflection to help with decision making.

September 30 to October 27


Quercus Robur
Black and Dark Brown
Strength, endurance, helpfulness, continuity. Can indicate a time of contentment and stability.

June 10 to July 7

Summer Solstice June 21st

~ Litha ~

Mid Green
Can indicate a time of surprise events and disappointments.

October 28 to November 24

~ Samhain ~ Samhuinn ~

October 31st Celtic New Year All Hallows eve/Halloween

Grey & Red
Control, protection. Can indicate a time to take charge of things and prevent others from taking your control

January 21 to February 17

February 2nd

~ Imbolic ~ Oímelc~

Green and White
Can indicate a time for a need to take time out to allow for personal development.

September 2 to September 29

Autumn Equinox September 21st

~ Mabon ~

Bright Colours
Inner visions and dreams, healing. Can indicate a time a time to return balance to your life.

April 15 to May 12

May day

~ Beltane ~

We hope that these Trees and Plants may help in your journey of discovery of the Ogham of flowers Mother Nature holds many insights with which to help us grow and develop all we have to do is pay attention to the messages that she sends us. In return all she asks for us to remember we are very lucky and blessed to live on Gaia, treat her well and care for her and all her treasures.

Written by alginanhawkeye & Sol, Designed by Sol


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