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Flower Wisdom ~ The Language of Flowers

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Flower Wisdom, The Language Flowers, Flowers are loved all over the world and flowers have a secret meaning of their very own. Messages and meanings for different kinds of flowers, Flower Meanings

Flower Wisdom

Part Three

The Language of Flowers

Flowers are loved all over the world and flowers have a secret meaning of their very own. Messages and meanings for different kinds of flowers became very popular in Victorian times, and still carry on to this day. Secret messages about love and relationships were sent undercover to secret lovers through bouquets of flowers declaring their love, undying passion or even ending their love affair, all in the nature of the realm of the heart. Generally ,White flowers indicated purity, Yellow indicated jealousy, and Red for love and passion.

Flower Meanings

Abatina : Fickleness
Acacia Rose or white: Elegance
Acacia : Secret Love
Acanthus: The fine arts.
Agapanthus: Secret love
Amaryllis: Pride / Splendid Beauty
Anemone: Expectations
Apple: Temptation
Aster: Elegance
Azalea: Temperance
Baby’s breath: Innocence
Basil: Hatred
Bay Leaf: I change but in death
Betony: Surprise
Bilberry: Treachery
Bluebell: Humility
Buttercup: Ingratitude, Childishness
Cactus: Warmth
Candy-tuff: Indifference
Calycanthus: Benevolence
Camellia: Energy in adversity
Cape-Jasmine: I am to happy
Carnation-Red: Alas my poor heart
Cherry Tree-White: Good education
Christmas Rose: Relieve my anxiety
Clematis: Mental beauty
Clover four leaved: Be mine
Cloves: Dignity
Corn: Riches
Crocus: Cheerfulness
Daisy -white: Innocent
Daisy-Garden; I share your sentiments
Daisy-Michaelmas: Farewell
Daisy-Partially Coloured: Beauty
Daisy-Wild: I will think of it
Daffodil: Your the only one
Dandelion: Loves oracle
Daphne: Glory. Immortality
Dead Leaves: Sadness
Diosma: Your Simple elegance charms me
Dock: Patience
Enchanters Night Shade: Witchcraft, Sorcery
Eupatorium: Delay
Fennel: Worthy of all praise. Strength
Fern: Magic
Fig: Argument
Fir: Time
Flax: Domestic industry. Fate
Forget-me-Not: True love dont forget me
Forsythia: Anticipation
Foxglove: Insincerity
Foxtail-Grass: Sporty
Fuchsia-Scarlet: Taste
Furze or Gorse: Love for all seasons
Gardenia: Refinement
Geranium-Ivy: Bridal Favour
Geranium-Lemon: Unexpected meeting
Geranium-scarlet: Consolation
Geranium-rose: Preference
Geranium-wild: Stead fast piety
Golden rod: Be cautious
Grape- wild: Charity
Heather-white: Protection-wishes come true
Heliotrope_ Peruvian: Devotion
Holly: Defence
Honeysuckle: Love sweet and secret
Honesty: Honesty
Hop: Injustice
Hoya: Sculpture
Indian Cress: Warlike Trophy
Iris: Hope wisdom faith friendship
Ivy: Fidelity, friendship, marriage
Jacobs Ladder: Come down
Jasmine: amiability
Jasmine-Cape: Transport of joy
Jasmine-Spanish: Sensuality
Jasmine Yellow: Grace and elegance
Judas Tree: Unbelief. Betrayal
Juniper: Succour, Protection
Justicia: the perfection of female lovliness
Kennedia: Mental bea
Kingscup: Desire for riches
Larkspur: Lightness. Levity
Laurel: Glory
Lavender: Admiration solitude. Distrust
Lilac-field: Humility
Lilac-purple: First emotions of love
Lilac-white: Youthful innocence.
Lily_day: Coquetry
Lilac-Imperial: Majesty
Lilac-white: Purity, sweetness
Lilac-Yellow: Gaiety
Lily of the valley: Return of happiness. Unconscious Sweetness.
Lobelia: Malevolence
Lotus: Eloquence
Love in a mist: Perplexity
Love lies bleeding: Hopeless, not heartless
Lupine: Voraciousness
Magnolia: Mildness
Mallow: Mildness
Mandrake: Horror
Marianthus: Hope for better days
Marigold: Grief
Marigold_French: Jealousy
Marigold-Prophetic: Prediction
Marjoram: Blushes
Meadowsweet: Uselessness
Mistletoe: Difficulties I overcome
Mudwort: Happiness. Tranquillity
Myrrh: Gladness
Myrtle: Love
Narcissus: Egotism
Nasturtium: Patriotism
Nettle-common stinging: You are spiteful
Nightshade: Falsehood
Oleander: Beware
Olive: Peace
Orange blossom: Chastity
Orange Tree: Generosity
Osier: Frankness
Osmunda: Dreams
Ox eye:Patience
Pansy: Thoughts
Pasque Flower; You have no claims
Passion flower: Faith
Peach blossom: I am your captive
Pear blossom: Affection
Penny royal: Flee away
Peony: Same. Bashfulness
Periwinkle-blue: Early friendship
Periwinkle-white: Pleasures of memory
Phlox: Unanimity
Pine: Hope – pity
Pineapple: You are perfect
Plum-wild: Independence
Plumbago Larpenta: Holy wishes
Poppy-black: Courage
Poppy-red: Consolation
Poppy-white: Sleep
Primrose: Early youth and sadness
Primrose_Evening: Inconsistency
Quince: Temptation
Reed: Complaisance. Music
Rhododendron: Danger
Rose_Montiflora: Grace
Rose - red: Love
Rose - red and white together: Unity
Rose-thornless: Early attachment
Rose - yellow: Jealousy
Rose - white: I am worthy of you
Rosebud-red: Purity and love
Rosebud-white: Girlhood
Rudbeckia: Justice
Rush: Docility
Saffron: Beware of excess
Shamrock: Light heartedness
Saint John’s Wort: Animosity
Salvia-blue: Wisdom
Salvia-red: Energy
Saxifrage-Mossy: Affection
Shamrock: Light heathedness
Shepard’s Purse: I offer you my all
Snapdragon: Presumptuousness, No
Snowdrop: Hope
Sorrel: Affection
Sorrel-wood: Joy
Star of Bethlehem: Purity
Stock: lasting Beauty
Sunflower: Hughtiness
Sweet pea: Depart
Tansy: I declare war against you
Teasel: Misanthropy
Thistle-common: Austerity
Thistle-Scottish: Retaliation
Trillium Pictum: Modest Beauty
Truffle: Surprise
Tulip-red: Declaration of love
Tulip-variegated: Beautiful eyes
Tulip-Yellow: Hopeless love
Valerian: An accommodating personality
Verbena-pink: Family Union
Verbena-white: Pray for me
Vervain: Enchantment
Vine: Intoxication
Violet-blue: Faithfulness
Witch hazel: A spell
Wall Flower: Fidelity in adversity
Water Lily: Purity of heart
Willow Herb: Pretension
Wisteria: Welcome, fair stranger
Woodbine: Fraternal love
Wood Sorrel: Maternal tenderness
Witch hazel: A spell
Wall Flower: Fidelity in adversity
Water Lily: Purity of heart
Willow Herb: Pretension
Wisteria: Welcome, fair stranger
Woodbine: Fraternal love
Wood Sorrel: Maternal tenderness
Zinnia: Thoughts of an absent friend


The Language of Flowers and Flower Meanings

Written by Serenemooncat and Sol, Edited and Designed by Sol


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