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Empaths and Empathy,  Empathy and Healing

Empathy and Healing

Empaths and Empathy Empathic Healing

I read an interesting piece not to long ago it stated that people used to go to empathics, especially for healing.
Their thoughts were in touching an empathic, their sickness, pains, emotions....etc. would automatically be picked up by the empathic, and therefore they would be clean, or healed.

I personally, just for myself, do believe that healing and empathy do go hand in hand. In empathy, I feel it helps to read a persons body. Although I cannot pick everything from a persons body, mostly spirit as channel through me, most times lets me know where some ailment is.

However, with grounding and protection, I am safe guarded against, overwhelming take overs. When I was just becoming aware of empathy, I was a mess. Thank goodness for guides and spirit, as now I use universal energy for healing, and there is always white or gold light, around me. And I do want to mention thanks for those that have helped me here at this site, you all are so amazing!!

I know I am a channel for spirit to work through, and my empathic "gift", "ability", is a great tool, along with meditation, grounding and protection, and listening to my gut instincts. (which I believe come from spirit)

Also i read that not all are empathic, which i can partly believe this, as some do not ever "feel" anything from other people.

And one last thing I read was that it is genetic. Now I’m not a scientist, but I think that a lot of things are handed down by genetics. Although I truly believe, that I accepted something within myself, and put it to use.

The road is bumpy at times, however, very rewarding most all the time. I have learned a lot, and know I will until I pass on.

There are some very good meditations here at mystic familiar, please take time to enjoy some of them. Meditation is a great time spent, for relaxing, and even learning from spirit, and can be an uplift to your energy levels. Meditation can help you take more control of your life, this is also a time when you can take on protection, energy, and well being.

This is just something I thought I would share with all who enter in here.

Empathy and Healing

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Empaths and Empathy,  Empathy and Healing

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