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What's In A Dream

Dream Dictionary Disclaimer

People have been interested in Dreams and Dreaming since the beginning of time. Beliefs about dreams are wide and varied, from the belief of dreams being prophetic and giving glimpses of the future to other beliefs that they are a way for our brains to process our every day life.

This Dreams Dictionary which is An A to Z of the Meanings of Dreams has been added to Mystic Familiar to provide an historical insight into Dreaming, Dream Symbolism and Dream interpretation.

Please bear in mind that there are many ways to interpret dreams and that there are no hard and fast rules to be applied to them, and that the dreamer is able to interpret the meaning of their own dreams.

We intend that this Dream Dictionary be used for educational purposes to help our members and visitors alike to benefit from the historical insights that can be gleaned from it and it is hoped to help with their personal investigations into dream interpretation. This Dream Dictionary is an A to Z of Dream Meanings which has been taken as an excerpt from “10,000 Dreams Interpreted” by Gustavus Hindman Miller, 1910. For further reading on this work you can link here.

This copy is in its original state as received form the Project Gutenberg, apart from font, hypertext link alterations to make it more accessible to the users of this site and text that has been removed due to its unsuitability for this web site.

This Dream Dictionary reflects the social, economic and political era of when it was written and published in 1910, and that of Gustavus Hindman Miller its writer. Therefore may not in parts be viewed as politically correct in today’s society, and is not a reflection of the sociological, political or economic beliefs of Mystic Familiar, but is set here as a reflection of research into dreams and their meanings.

We ask that you bear this in mind as you view this Dream Dictionary. If you feel that there is something which should be removed from "Whats In A Dream" please do let us know. You can contact us at admin>AT<

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