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December Crystal of the Month Turquoise

Crystal of the Month

December Crystal of the Month Turquoise

Crystal Meaning: 

The word turquoise comes from a Greek word Turkois which means Turkish as this is where the first turquoise that came into Europe arrived from. It is a sacred stone in many cultures and is one of the earliest known protective amulets. It is an important stone to the ancient cultures of the Native Americans, Tibetans and the Egyptians who used it in ritual objects and jewellery. It was also used by the Aztecs and in ancient Mexico was thought to be a stone of the Gods, and as such never worn by mortals. It is still very popular, especially when set into jewellery.

Magical Use: 

Turquoise is known as a bridge between earth and sky bringing together these male and female energies. It opens us up to the consciousness of the universe. It is protective and grounds scattered energies. As a link between the earth and sky it allows you to remain grounded while engaging in spiritual work and attunes the physical and spiritual planes of existence. It is said to aid with astral travel and vision quests. It helps us to maintain contact with the conscious mind, even while deep in meditation. Turquoise is a highly spiritual stone, which is soothing to the spirit and brings peace of mind and serenity to the user. It is said to protect against pollutants in the environment and clears negativity. In fact some cultures believed that it changed colour when it came into contact with poisons. It is said to bestow happiness, success, good fortune and prosperity to the user. It helps with open communication, imparts wisdom and understanding, and promotes kindness and trust. It is a stone of mental clarity and encourages creative problem solving.

Healing Use:

Turquoise is an all purpose healer. It is energising to the immune system and therefore helps to heal the whole body. It is healing and cleansing to both the physical body and the energy centres. It stabilises mood swings and brings inner calm. It protects and detoxifies the body. It absorbs negativity and benefits the throat and lungs. It strengthens teeth and is useful in fighting depression, infection and pain, especially related to inflammatory conditions. However it’s important to mention that crystals help the healing process and should not be regarded as an alternative to seeking medical help when necessary.

How to Use:

Turquoise can be placed anywhere on the body for healing but it is especially connected with the throat, solar plexus and third eye chakras. An effective way to use it is set into jewellery such as necklaces or earrings.

How to Cleanse:

Turquoise can be cleansed using any of the usual methods, sun and moonlight, smudging, running under water, cleansing with larger crystals, with white light and with reiki energy.

Alternative Crystals for December

Amethyst, Azurite, Labradorite and Blue Topaz

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December Crystal of the Month Turquoise

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