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Fluorite Crystal Gemstones Crystals ~ F

Crystal Gemstones

Crystals ~ F


Fluorite is currently available in tumbled and palm stone in the shop. Also there is a beautiful selenite and fluorite wand available, which combines the properties of the two minerals. Fluorite comes in a rainbow of colour including, clear, purple, blue, green, yellow and pink. The individual crystals can either be of a single colour or as swirls and bands of varying colours and shapes. This is a very balancing stone.

Fluorite is currently available as a Fluorite & Pearl Bracelet and a Green Fluorite Crystal in the Mystic shop.

 It helps us to find balance within ourselves and helps with grounding, protection and centring. It also aids balancing and cleansing of the chakras and the aura. It is very useful in assisting us to let go of rigid or negative patterns of behaviour and thought.

It is a very protective, healing and energizing stone, which is very effective at drawing off, and holding negative energy and as such it is advisable to cleanse it regularly. It is a great stone for the mind and helps with focus and organization as it balances mental energies and improves memory and recall. It is great for stress relief and clearing negative thought patterns and mental chatter. It is also an emotional cleanser.

It is a very spiritual stone and is known to enhance intuition and to facilitate spiritual awakening. It assists us in understanding and assimilating information and messages from the higher planes. The di fferent colour stones also have their own attributes. Physically it is very beneficial for the teeth and bones. It is great for the immune system and for fighting infection.

• Clear Fluorite - linked to the crown chakra but it is balancing and energizing for all the chakras and the aura in general. It allows for clearer communication between mind and spirit.
• Purple Fluorite - linked to the third eye, psychic communication and meditation
• Blue Fluorite - linked to creativity and communication.
• Green fluorite - healing, especially for the heart, it dissolves old emotional wounds or blockages and it grounds excess energy.
• Rainbow fluorite contains all the colours.

The combination of Selenite and fluorite in the wand is a very powerful one. A crystal containing two or more minerals will hold all of the properties of the individual crystals. The fluorite helps to ground the Selenite and will help you take a more balanced view. Both stones are very good for clearing energy blockages, and this wand would be great for assisting with things such as cord cutting and sealing the aura. Used in meditation it will assist you in making contact with spirit guides and it allows for easier access to the Akashic records. It would also help with willpower and benefits the bones and spinal column.

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Fluorite Crystal Gemstones Crystals ~ F


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