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May Crystal of the Month Emerald

Crystal of the Month

May Crystal of the Month Emerald

Crystal Meaning: Emerald is a stone of inspiration and infinite patience. Known as the “stone of successful love” bringing domestic bliss & loyalty, unconditional love and promotes friendship. Helps to keep a partnership balanced. Has a calming effect on the emotions. It seems that more kinds of physical healing have been ascribed to the emerald than nearly any other stone. It is also a wisdom stone promoting discernment, truth and honesty. A positive force that brings about enjoyment of life and symbolizes hope and development.

Magical Use: principal stone for drawing in spiritual love and replenishment. Brings vitality and mental clarity. Enhances psychic abilities, opens clairvoyance, deepens your inner knowing. Emeralds open up the heart chakra and strengthens memory.

Healing Use: Aids in the recovery after infectious illnesses. Treats: sinuses, lungs, heart, spine & muscles. Improves vision and soothes the eyes. Detoxifies the liver. Helps to alleviate rheumatism and diabetes. And wards off a bad temper.

How to use: Wear around the neck over the heart, ring on pinky finger or wear on the right arm. Position it as appropriate for healing. Do not wear constantly as it can trigger negative emotions.

How to Cleanse: There are many ways to clean your crystal. Before cleaning with any element make sure it will be safe when using water or leaving exposed to the sun. Cleansing: Leave exposed during a new moon or full moon, run under spring water, leave in a small bowl of water with sea salt, incense or smudging smoke, bury in clean dirt for 1-2 weeks, Emeralds should be cleaned regularly under running water and charged once a month in the sun. Meditation methods: chanting vibration, blessing, breath or visualization. Feel what method would be best for you and your crystal.

Buy Crystals in the Crystal Shop

May Crystal of the Month Emerald

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