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Charoite Crystal Gemstones Crystals ~ C

Crystal Gemstones

Crystals ~ C


The crystal I want to look at today is called Charoite. Charoite is also known as the soul stone or the stone of transformation and is connected primarily to the brow and crown chakras. Charoite is only found in one place on Earth, the Chara river region in Siberia. Charoite is a stunning combination of violet, purple, white and black, often displaying these in a swirling pattern of colour. Charoite is a recently found gemstone having been first discovered in the mid 1970s. Charoite is currently available as a tumbled stone in the Mystic Familiar Mystic Shop. Click this link to buy the Charoite crystal gemstone.

The primary focus of Charoite is in discovering and releasing fears. Fears have a major effect on how we live our lives, holding us back from taking a leap into the unknown. They can be very limiting. The function of Charoite is to help us to see more clearly where these fears are coming from, to view them more objectively. It can help us to see these fears in a new light, to realize that they are often learned behaviour patterns that, with time and effort can be released and overcome. This empowers us to take more control over our own lives and decisions. If we look at our fears rationally, without the emotional involvement we get a more balanced view and the fear begins to loose its power over us.

The colours contained in this stone also give us information about the gifts it imparts. The purple being related as we said to the brow Chakra, where many of these self limiting patterns are held, black is to help grounding and exploring the reasons for our fears and white is showing the connection to spirit. It is said to open the heart and to speed up the healing process. It promotes acceptance of others.

Spiritually it links with universal love, providing deep emotional and physical healing. It helps us to accept and realize that where we are at this moment in time is exactly where we should be. It opens and balances the crown Chakra and enhances psychic visions. Placed under the pillow it allows for deep sleep so it is useful in cases of insomnia or disturbed sleep and it facilitates dream messages. It treats heart and nervous system disorders. It is also a great stone to detoxify and supports the function of the liver.

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