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Crystal Azurite Malachite


Azurite Malachite Energy

There is a stone that is worth mentioning that has a lovely energy or vibration and can be used for divination purposes and that is Azurite, When looking for azurite you will come across a variety of blue hues from azure blue to a much darker blue.

These stones have a light vibration so choose one that seems to speak to you, even might get a sense that it’s meant for you to start working with your energies at this time. Sometimes different stone s call to us and we feel we need to work with their energies and ours more like a combined effort in understanding the world around us.

Since the azurite vibration or energy is light you will find it makes a wonderful stone to be used for meditations and makes a lovely stone to use for someone who’s first starting out in mediations, as this stone will have a light gentle energy to work with it in this way.

Azurite is associated with copper ore and will aid you in de-stressing and soothing the body’s energy field and the nature of this stone would be like the element of water so is receptive. Edgar Cayce the sleeping prophet was said to work with this stone as a meditative energy as he felt it brought him to a more awareness state in his mediations. Viewing this in a manner of how copper stimulates the flow of energy within the body and might make a person feel vitalized and have clearer thoughts. People have used copper to aid in circulations within the body as improving blood, detoxification, reduces inflammations in arthritic and rheumatism, some receive benefits in aiding in the area of stabilizing the metabolism. Copper refers to the area of the body known as the base or Sacral Charka and if we view this further copper rules Taurus (earth energy Venus) and Sagittarius (fire energy mars/sun). You can use azurite in the spleen area but if you decide to use azurite with another stone caution is needed in this area of the spleen, as you don’t w ant to over stimulate this gland. So any orange stone along with azurite would be like a double heat (fire) energy and thus produce over intensify energy. The ancient’s used copper as one of the first metals in their rituals and crafted artwork. If you hold a piece of copper in your hands the sensation from it might be warm as it’s not a cold metal, maybe that’s the Sun/Mars/Venus energy flowing within our touch weaving harmony and compassion, all energy of the planets mentioned above.

Using azurite for work in meditations much as Edgar Cayce did you can begin your meditation by lighting one or two green candles for healing or blue candles for openness. Now settle in your quiet place and still the mind, with each breath lower your breathing and relax more. While you hold your azurite in your left hand begin to feel the azurite’s Venus energy of love promoting compassion and harmony. Let the azurite stone bring peacefulness or purifying energies to you and attune the body towards balance. Let the warmth flow gently become one with the azurite stone let your mind be stilled and quiet. With your eyes closed begin to feel how the azurite seems to warm to your touch it almost feels like the warmth of the stone is turning into a liquid melting in your palm. Now open your eyes and let your eyes move over the stone in your palm let any messages or answers you seek come to you as you sit with this azurite stone.

I hope to hear from you if you have worked with a crystal or stone and what benefits or insights it gave you send your insights and articles to our Newsletter or join our Chat here we would love hearing from you.

Azurite Malachite Crystal

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Written by Tajika, Designed by Sol Mystic Familiar 2009

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