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Aquamarine March Crystal of the Month

Crystal of the Month

March Crystal of the Month Aquamarine

Crystal Meaning: 

The name aquamarine translates to “Water of the Sea”, and it has been used as a talisman by sailors and is said to protect those travelling by sea or indeed during any journeys. It name also refers to its water or sea-like appearance as it comes in a beautiful green-blue colour.

Magical Use: 

Aquamarine is a very calming and soothing crystal and helps to still the mind. It soft colour brings inspiration, peace and harmony and it is said to have an affinity with sensitive people. It helps those struggling with responsibilities and encourages us to take responsibility for ourselves. It has a gentle and compassionate en ergy which assists us in letting go of judgmental attitudes and promotes more tolerance. It is a protective stone which shields the aura and helps to align the chakras. When used in meditation it brings greater levels of spiritual awareness and helping us to connect better with our higher spiritual purpose. It allows us to travel deep within ourselves, to increase our understanding of the complexities of our nature, to find out what makes us tick. It allows us to strongly connect with the individuality within, what makes each of us unique and helps us to express our deepest spiritual truths. It is a crystal which is very beneficial for healers and teachers as it promotes the idea of service to the world and the development of humanity.

Healing Use:

Aquamarine has very strong connections with the throat and is useful in healing problems in this area. It is great for boosting the immune system and supports the body in healing itself. Aquamarine also benefits the body’s cleansing organs and helps control fluid retention. It’s a great crystal for relieving stress, anxiety, doubts, fear. Aquamarine assists in controlling overreactions of the immune system (autoimmune illness) or emotional overreaction. It is useful in the balancing pituitary and thyroid glands and in the treatment of swollen glands.

How to Use:

You can hold in your hand during meditation. For healing place on the throat or thymus for healing and rebalancing this area or alternatively wear set in jew elry as a necklace or earrings. You could also carry it in your pocket for protection if you are going on a long journey.

How to Cleanse and Recharge:

Aquamarine is quite a robust stone so most forms of cleansing are suitable, however, as with most coloured stones it is advisable not to leave for extended periods in direct sunlight as its colour is likely to fade if you do.

Alternative Crystals for March:

Amethyst, Blue Lace Agate, Calcite, Aventurine, and Bloodstone

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