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Crystal of the Month

February Crystal of the Month Amethyst

Crystal Meaning: 

According to legend, amethyst originated when Bacchus, the God of Wine, grew angry at mortals. He vowed the next mortal that crossed his path would be eaten by his tigers. This unfortunate was a girl who had come to worship at the temple of Diana. Her name was Amethyst and when the tigers went for her, she called out to the Goddess to

help her. She was immediately turned into pure white stone. Filled with remorse, he poured wine over the stone to give it its beautiful purple colour.

Magical Use: 

Amethyst is regarded as a stone of spirituality, excellent for use in meditation and it has a very calming energy. When used in this way it quiets the mind allowing you to take a long step back from the daily grind. It expands our consciousness, allowing for a more expansive view of reality. It is great for dream work and also helps to prevent both insomnia and nightmares. Amethyst helps to open out intuition, strengthens and enhances psychic abilities and balances the mind, body and spirit. It provides a link between the physical and spiritual worlds, helping to combine spiritual insight to and the power of reason. It promotes flexibility of attitude and assists in all kinds of change. Amethyst helps us to shift focus from the material to the spiritual consciousness, promoting spiritual awareness. It soothes the mind and helps to relieve fears and reduce impatience, encouraging us to let go and trust. Its also great for absorbing negative energies.

Healing Use:

Amethyst is a great stone for stress relief thanks to its soothing qualities. Its very good for relieving headaches and migraines and can help with hearing disorders. Amethyst boosts hormone production and strengthens the cleansing organs and the circulatory system and is said to be effective in reducing bruising. It is wonderful for assistance in overcoming addictions of all kinds including alcohol and eating disorders. Its soothing to the nervous system and helps to relieve physical, emotional and psychological pain. Amethyst is great for balancing emotions and moods, evening out the emotional highs and lows. It can be useful to stabilise psychiatric conditions, but it is advisable not to use in cases of paranoia or schizophrenia. It strengthens the skeletal system, helping in cases of arthritis and it supports the lungs and respiratory system.

How to Use:

Wear in jewellery or place anywhere on the body that you are guided to. For headaches or migraines, lie with the crystal on your head, either over the point of the pain or on the third eye and relax until the pain has stopped, usually about 10- 20 mins. Ametrine, which is a combination of amethyst and citrine is particularly good for migraines and hangovers, as it relieves the nausea as well as the headache.

How to Cleanse and Recharge:

Amethyst is a very hardy stone so all forms of cleansing are suitable, however, it is advisable not to leave for extended periods in direct sunlight as its colour is likely to fade if you do.

Alternative Crystals for February:

Aquamarine, Fluorite, Angelite, Labradorite and Calcite

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