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Archangels Ascended Masters

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Archangels Ascended Masters Kali, Kuan-Ti, Kuan-Yin, Kuthumi, Lakshmi, Lugh, Lu-Hsing, Maat, Maeve, Maitreya, Mary the Beloved Mother, Melchizedek, Merlin, Moses

Archangels Ascended Masters

Information about Archangels & Ascended Masters

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Here you will find some answers to some of the following questions about Archangels & Ascended Masters. What are the names of the Archangels & Ascended Masters? What is the Archangels & Ascended Masters purpose? In what way can they help us to help them in their work? The names of the Archangels, Ascended Masters & what they can offer you help with is as follows -

Kali ~ Kuan-Ti ~ Kuan-Yin ~ Kuthumi ~ Lakshmi ~ Lugh ~ Lu-Hsing ~ Maat ~ Maeve ~ Maitreya ~ Mary the Beloved Mother ~ Melchizedek ~ Merlin ~ Moses

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Archangel ~ Angel ~ Ascendant Master
Helps with

(Also known as Black Mother, Kali-Ma and Raksha-Kali)
Kali is the goddess of the ending of cycles, the death and transformation energy that lets go of the old and brings in the new. Kali is a loving energy that helps free us of fear, she only destroys that which keeps us in bondage, or which could slow or divert or divine mission.

Courage, Determination, Direction, Focus, Motivation, Protection, Tenacity

(Also known as Kuan Jung and Kuan Yu)
Kuan-Ti is the Chinese warrior god who acts to prevent war, he is a prophet that predicts the future and protects people from lower spirits, he works arm in arm with Archangel Michael on matters of justice within government systems.
Justice and freedom for falsely accused
Prisoners, and prisoners of war
Legal matters
Prophecies about world events
Psychic abilities, increasing accuracy
And details of space clearing.
(Also known as Kwan Yin, Quan Yin, Guanyin, Quan’ Yin, Guanyin, Quan’Am, Kannon, Kanin and Kwannon)
Kuan Yin is one of the most beloved and popular eastern divinities. She is the Chinese goddess of mercy, compassion and protection, her name means “she who hears prayers”. Kuan Yin does, in fact, hear and answer every prayer sent her way. She is often called the “Mother Mary of the East” because she represents feminine divinity and goddess energy in the Buddhist religion.
Clairvoyance, Compassion
Feminine grace, beauty and power
Kindness gentleness and sweetness toward
Self and others, Love receiving and giving
Mercy, Developing musical abilities especially singing
Protection especially for women and children
Spiritual enlightenment and gifts
(Also known as Mahatma Kuthumi mal Singh, Koot Hoomi, Sirdar Thakar Singh Sadhanwalia, K.H.)
Kuthumi is a pseudonym for a Sikh spiritual leader. Kuthumi’s past lives include St. Francis and Pythagoras.
Dedication to Life purpose, Focus
(Also known as Haripriya, Jaganmatri, Laxmi, Matrirupa and Vriddhi)
Lahshmi’s name is derived from the Sanskrit word Laksya, which means goal or aim. She is a beautiful golden skinned goddess of prosperity and good fortune who brings blessings of abundance to everyone. She helps us find meaningful careers that bring about handsome rewards.
Abundance, Beauty and aesthetics, Happiness, lasting,
Home supplies and food manifesting, Space clearing for the home
(Also known as Lug, Lugus and Lleu)
Lugh is a youthful sun god with a magical hound helmet and spear, Lugh helps humans develop thjeir inner sorcerer or sorceress with divine love, he is associated with fertility and yielding a bountiful summer harvest. Legend has it that he is a master craftsman, poet, healer and jack of all trades
Alchemy, Art, crafts, poetry and music
Divine magic, Healing from painful situations
Protection of all kinds, Solutions to any problem
(Also known as Pinyin Lu Xing)
Lu-Hsing is the god of salaries, pay success, progress, steady accumulation, wealth and employees.
It takes an agile mind and much alertness to properly heed his guidance
Employment, all aspects of, Job interviews
Raises and promotions
(Also known as Ma’at, Maa, Maet, Maht, Mat, Maut)
The Egyptian goddess of truth, fairness and justice, she is the daughter of the sun god Ra. She is also the goddess of integrity, promises, truth and justice,
Addictions and cravings, overcoming
Clarification in confusing situations
Discerning the truth and integrity in orders
Divine magic, Integrity and commitments, self and others
Orderliness, Protection against deceit and manipulation
Purifying the body.
(Also known as Mab, Medh, Medhbh, Madb, Queen of Connacht)
A powerful warrior goddess whose name means “intoxicated woman” call upon maeve whenever you need guidance about natural and alternative healing methods. When you are in a health store ask Maeve for guidance with vitamins, minerals and herbs
Feminine beauty, strength and attractiveness
Healers, beginning practitioners, students of healing, or would be healers, Herbology, Horses, healing and protecting
Menstrual cycles
(Also known as Buddha of the future, Future Buddha, Lord Maitreya, Lord Maitreya Maitri, Happy Buddha, Hotei, Laughing Buddha, Maitreya Buddha and Miroku-Bosatsu.
Many scholars believe that he was a monk who showed great compassion and was committed to bring much happiness, Maitreya means “ Loving One”.
Joy, Laughter and a sense of humour
Lovingness, Peace, global and personal
Mary the Beloved Mother
(Also known as Mother Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Virgin Mary and Queen of Angels)
Mary’s historical data is very scanty as the four gospels that describe her don’t go into much detail. She is known as the Queen of Angels, she has a very close affinity with Archangel Gabriel, her present persona is definitely angelic, she is the most loving, patient and kind of the Ascending Masters, the angels love her and they work with her to affect miracles, yet behind her gentleness there is a “ Firm Mother Bear” who lovingly warns us to shape up.
Children adopting, Children all other issues relating to
Children support for those who help, Fertility
Healing of all kinds Mercy
Melchizedek’s name is said to mean “King of Righteousness” or “Genuine and Meaningful King”
He oversees a switching station into which stream various colours of the rainbow, these hues are energies of universal vibrations, given off by everything, the planets, stars, thoughts and emotions.
Correcting an unpleasant situation, Esoteric understanding,
Manifestation, Purification, Shielding against psychic attack
Spiritual releasement, Therapy involving colours, Aura-Soma,
Chakra clearing, crystals, Feng Shui, Reiki etc .
(Also known as Merddin, Myrddin, Lerlyn and Emrys)
Merlin represents the old sage-wizard archetype, He’s known as a powerful magician, a spiritual teacher and a psychic visionary. Merlin is happy to give lightworkers “A magical leg up” however, he always cautions that we use our “inner wizards” in the name of spiritual service and not for self gain.
Alchemy, Crystals, Divine Magic,
Energy work and healing
Prophecy and divination Psychic abilities
Shape-shifting, Time warping
The prophet Moses was called upon by God to lead his people out of slavery in Egypt to the promised land in Israel. Moses helps spiritual aspirants and teachers of all faiths and religions. He will help you “Step up to the Plate” and do the best job possible, when you feel uncertain about your power and abilities.
Authority figures, dealing with and negotiating with
Clear communications with God
Courage, Faith, Leadership
Miracle -working

Archangels - Information about Archangels & Ascended Masters

Kali ~ Kuan-Ti ~ Kuan-Yin ~ Kuthumi ~ Lakshmi ~ Lugh ~ Lu-Hsing ~ Maat ~ Maeve ~ Maitreya ~ Mary the Beloved Mother ~ Melchizedek ~ Merlin ~ Moses

This page offers -
How do you get the angels to help you? How can I connect with my Angels? What are the names of the Archangels & Ascended Masters? What is the Archangels & Ascended Masters purpose? In what way can they help us to help them in their work? How Angels can help you. Call on your guardian angel, calling all angels, or send me an angel, the seven archangels, the meaning of each angel, archangel and ascended master, help in a given situation, how to call for their help and to invoke their help.

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