The Waterfall Meditation

For use in reciving messages from Spirit

Sit and relax and breathe in through you nose and out through your mouth slowly, In and out, take your time breathing in and out, now imagine yourself on a path, it’s a Warm sunny day, feel the suns warmth on your face, your walking along a path do you
see the trees and flowers, smell the air, you can smell how fresh it is as you walking along t he path through some woods, you can smell the pine in the woods. Look and see the Wildlife there, the birds and deer’s, you can hear the waterfall in the distance.

Now your at the waterfall, see the waterfall and feel the spray of it as it hits your face, look around you and see what you can see, notice any colours, now sit down by the Waters edge, the grass is soft. Put your feet in the water and feel how cool it feels on your
feet, now look around you see the colour of any rocks there.

Now stand in the water, it is not deep, walk towards the waterfall and stand under it. Feel the energy from the waterfall, This water will refresh you if you have any aches; feel the water refresh your body, do you Feel it.

Now look at the back of the waterfall their is a cave there and it has a rock shaped in a Seat, sit down at listen for a while and list for any sounds there or voices, we will sit here for A few minutes, listen and look around you and notice anything that’s there.

Ok we will go in a Minute’s time, ok now stand up and walk towards the waterfall from the cave and out from Under it and towards the grass and step out of the water, and start to walk down the path You came and remembering what you have just seen and heard and if you felt anything, walk along the path and come back in your own time

I hoped you enjoyed this meditation

Now you know the way their, that is your waterfall to visit anytime you like

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