The Stone Circle Meditation

For use in meeting spirit guides

Ok now start to get relaxed, start to breath in and out slowly and get relaxed, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, ok breath in and feel the energies that is around you and breath out, in and out. Ok now imagine yourself on a path and your walking along, see the fields, ok now feel the sun's warmth on your face, now walk along the path, to your left you see an archway.

Now walk up to the archway and walk through it, in front of you see some tall stones, they are in a Large circle. Ok now walk up to the stone circle and see how they look, see how smooth or rough they feel. Walk around them. You can feel the energy coming from them, its pure energy
From mother earth. Ok now stand on the inside of the circle at a stone that you’re near, stand Looking in to the circle and there are some more stones at the centre that looks like a table,that is the center of the mother earth energy.

Now walk over to the table and sit in the center of the table or lay down looking up, feel the warm energy that’s all around you, notice any colors you see, look around you see if you have a visitor with you, if you do talk to them and ask them why are they here, if you do ask them if
They have something for you. its is ok if you don’t just enjoy the energies that around you, this will help you on your path through your journey of life, we will stay here for a 10 minutes more. Then its time to leave this place, I will leave you to chat to them will have 10 minute here for you to enjoy talking.

Ok you now have 6 minutes left, just enjoy what you see or feel and remember What they tell you, now its 4 minutes left. Do you feel the energy around you, ok it will soon be Time to leave, so now start saying goodbye to them, as the time as come for us to leave, you will see them again soon when you have said goodbye get off the table and walk towards the outer stones and walk past them and to the arch go through the arch and down the path you Came and to the place where you first started the journey and come back in your own time.

I hoped you enjoyed this meditation.

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