The Cottage Meditation

A special place to relax and unwind in

Relax breath in nose out mouth, in, out, slowly in and out keep breathing slowly. Now imagine yourself on a path see the trees and flowers around you, see the fields, smell the air how fresh it is. Walk along the path, as you walk along feel the suns warmth on your face. You see a hedge a bit in front of you and a wooden style there, walk up to it and climb over it.

Now you walking in a forest, along the way you see a cottage in the distance, walk up to the cottage there is a path that leads up the gate of the cottage walk up the path to the gate and open it walk towards the cottage look at it, notice every about it. Look at the windows, and door, remember what colour it is. If it has a door knocker, do you see it.

Ok now open the door and walk inside it, look around you see what you can see. Look to your left there is a door there. Open the door and walk in. Take time to look around this is your room, is there a chair in your room, notice what colour it is.

Ok now walk up to your chair and sit in it see if its hard or soft chair. Ok now look around you see what you can see notice the colour of the walls and anything else in the room. We will sit here for a while so you can see and remember what you saw in your room. See if anyone else is in the room if they are ask them why are they here. Notice how you feel in the room and if it’s warm or cool.

Spirit has left you a gift on the table look and see what it is. It will soon time to leave. If you have someone with you say your goodbyes and you will see them here when you return.

Ok now its time to leave get out of your chair and walk towards the door you came in turn and have a look at your cottage room and walk out of the door. Turn to your right and open your front door turn and close it and this time lock it, make sure its shut.

Turn and walk down the path to the gate, open the gate walk through it and close it behind you. Walk on to the path which brought you here and walk up to the wooden style and climb over it and on to the path remembering what you have just seen and felt in your cottage.

Come back when you’re ready.

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Written by Earthvisitor, Designed & Editing by Sol © Mystic Familiar 2003