The Bubble Meditation

For use in protection

Tonight we will try to do a protection bubble meditation, just relax, sit and relax.

I would like you to start to breath in through your nose out through your mouth, slowly in and out, take your time to get relaxed, just breath slowly in and out, in and out, ok.

Now imagine a tree with its branches reaching upwards towards the sky, walk up to the tree and stand by it, ok now reach out and feel the bark of the tree. ok now stand by the side of the tree and put your arms out like branches, ok now look at your feet and see roots growing from your toes, do you see them growing, ok now see the roots grow down in to the earth, feel it as it grown down towards the core of the earth, ok now its reached the core of the earth.

Ok now imagine a bubble in front of you, a big bubble, ok now step in to the bubble, now your inside the bubble do you see a door at the top above your head, do you see it, ok now open it, there is a pure white light above the door, ok feel it as it enters your body and filling from your feet to your head, feel it as it rises up. Ok it’s at your knees now, and now your waist, and now its at your chest and shoulders, feel the pure white energy which come from the light, and now your head.

ok now feel it flowing over your body and running down and filling your bubble up, feel it as it runs over your body and to your feet, see and feel it rise slowly upwards, its at your knees now, ok and now its at your waist, see and feel it as it rises to your chest now and now your shoulders, and now last its at your head, ok now see it as it rises above your head and now its at the door you opened, ok now you and your bubble is now full, ok now reach up and close the door, there is a key for you to lock the door and turn the key so only you can open it from the inside, ok now you will relax for a few minutes in this pure white light energy before we come back.

Now that is your protective bubble, we will start coming back now, slowly start to feel the room that your in, wiggle your toes and feel yourself where you are and sitting and come back in your own time. I hope you enjoyed this meditation.


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