The Indian Village Meditation

For use in meeting our Spirit Guides

Today we will do mediation to a stone chair, ok get you relaxed and start by breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth, slowly in and out take your time to get relaxed, do this a few times and let your imagination go. Relax your mind and be at one with yourself.

Ok now imagine yourself by a field, see the trees in the distance and see how green the field is, see it in your mind; it’s a warm sunny day. Notice the way the field runs along; see if there are any hills there.

Ok now walk into the field and notice any flowers there, now take off your shoes and feel the soft grass underneath your feet.

Ok now look around you do you see a stone in the field and its shaped like a chair walk up to it and feel the stone, see if its smooth or ruff and notice the color and any patterns in the stone, walk around it and see if your names in the back of it.

Ok now sit down in this chair, it looks like stone but feels soft when you sit in it and it feels as if it was made just of you, it fits your shape perfectly and you feel really relaxed in it.

Now look to your right and ask your guide to come forward and speak to you, do you see them?

Look to see what they are wearing and if they have something they would like to give to you.

Start to talk to them ask them questions, ask them any think you like, there names, where they lived, what year they lived and so on. Ask them if they feel you are doing well in the things that you want to achieve in life or can you better yourself with their help.

We will stay here for a while so you can get to know them, if you don’t see anyone just look at the view notice everything around you.

Ok its time to say your goodbyes to who you’ve been talking to, ok now step up from the chair and walk across the field to where you came in.

Then come back when you are ready.

I hoped you enjoyed this meditation

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