The Healing Pool Meditation

For use in Healing

Take time to Relax and breath. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth slowly, in and out, in and out.

Now imagine yourself on a path, your walking along, see the trees and flowers, feel the warm sun on your face.

Now look along the path do you see a pool in the distance, walk up to the pool and look at it. Do you see the blue energy in the pool, now step into the pool, feel the energy around your feet as you step in the pool, now walk up to your knees and feel the energy, now up to your waist it feels as if it tingles your body take some time to feel this.

Now sit down and relax and let your body float, the energy will keep you afloat fill your body up with this energy. Feel the energy as it starts to fill your body, starting at your feet first and working its way up wards, flowing though to your knees fell the energy as it fills your body, now feel it rising to your waist, and flowing up into your tummy your are now starting to feel tingling all over your body, feel it rise up into your chest area. You feel refreshed and full of energy, you can feel the energy as it flows up into your shoulders, and through into your head, you feel full of energy, revitalised and refreshed take some time to enjoy this energy that flows through your body.

Now look to your left and see the mist, as it starts to clear do you see someone there, listen to what they have to say and remember what they told you. Take some time to relax and speak with them.

Now it is time to go, rise up slowly and gently step out of the pool turn to the pool and say, thank you for the use of your energies then turn and walk down the path you came, past the flowers and the trees feeling the warmth of the sun upon your skin walk along the path, and come back slowly when your ready back to where you are seated now.


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