The Garden Meditation

For use in meeting your guide/s

Welcome to the meditation room, tonight we will try a meditation to a garden,

Please relax and breathe slowly, in though your nose and out through your mouth, in, out, in, out take some time to breath and relax.

Imagine yourself on a path in the countryside, look around you see the tree and hear the birds take time to listen to their songs.

It is a warm sunny day and you can feel the warmth of the sun touching you. As you walk you can see a hedge and as you walk along you see an arch in the hedge. As you approach the arch you see the path leads towards a gate. Take time to look at the gate.

Now walk up to the gate open it and walk in through it, look around and see some steps that leading upwards. Walk to the steps and start to climb count each step as you climb remembering how many there are as you reach the top.

At the top turn to your left there you will see some steps going down, there are only a few, take these steps which lead you to the walled garden. As you approach the garden you see a door which leads inside. Take some time to look at the door.

Open the door and walk in to the garden turn and close the door remembering what the door looks like.

Take time to look round the garden take in all that is around you, see the flowers, paths, grass and anything else that may be in your garden. If you want to change what it looks like you can as this is your garden.

On your right you see a patch of earth, now look in your right hand and see a seed there, this is your spiritual seed, now plant it and water it. Watch and see how it grows in front of your eyes.

Now look to the back of your garden and see what you can see there, get to know your garden. Walk through it, look around and see if you have a seat in your garden, walk up to the seat and sit down on it.

Look beside you on the seat and you will see that your spirit guide has left something there for you, take time to look at it pick it up and become aware of it.

Now look around your garden take it in and enjoy it, do you see anyone in your garden with you, if you do speak to them if not just sit and relax in your garden? If you see someone there take time to speak with them ask them who they are, ask if they have any messages for you and ask any questions you may have.

It is now time to say goodbye and know you will meet again soon. Look around your garden and remember what it looks like. Walk to the door, open it and walk through closing the door behind you. Turn and walk up the few steps, now turn to your right and take the steps going, remembering how many steps you came climbed you are now to descend down the same amount.

Once you have reached the bottom walk to the gate, go through the gate and close it behind you. Walk down the country path back the way you cam, reflecting on that which you have just seen and been told.

When you are ready allow yourself to come back to the present time.

I hope you enjoyed this meditation, this is a gift from your spirit guides, you can go there anytime you like and always remember how many steps you take and come down the same amount.

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