Flushing Negative Energy Meditation

For use in removing negativity from the body

Namaste. Tonight we will do a meditation to flush out all the negative feeling inside our body.

Imagine yourself standing and all the negative feelings are turning in to a black liquid, now look down at your feet and see this liquid leave your feet, feel it from your head down to your shoulders, feel it running out of your feet.

It is now at your waist, all the negative feelings and pain are going, it has now reached your knees. Look down at your feet do you see a black puddle there? This is all the negative feeling there, now it has reached your ankles, flows into your feet and out through your toes. Take some time to breathe and relax.

Now Look up, there is a bright white light, it is pure white energy see it come down towards your crown chakra, feel it as it enters your body this light is going to fill your whole body. It has now entering your head, feel it as it works its way down your body. It has reached your shoulders now, feel it flush away any negative feelings that are left in your body.

It has now reached your tummy feel the energy of the white light refreshing your body travelling on now to your hips, then on towards your knees. Feel your body tingle with the energy.

The light now travels onwards to your ankles and into your feet and out towards the black liquid watch it flow over and around the liquid.

Now use your foot and push the earth over the black liquid and watch it soak in to the earth.

Now let the light start to shine out of your body watch the light shine out. Starting at your feet moving upwards up to your knees then on again up to your hips, see your body glow with the light. Now up to your tummy feel the energy of the white light as it shines through you. Now up to your chest, see how bright it is up to your shoulders and along your arms and out through your finger tips. Then it flow up through your head watch it as it goes back up in to the air back to the place it came from.

Your body still feels bright and glowing and full of energy and refreshed as the light flows out up above your head. Now take a little time to relax and soak the energies up take your time and come back when you’re ready.

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