The Beach Meditation

For use in protection

Ok relax and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, slowly in and out, take your time, in and out.

Now imagine yourself on a beach, feel the sand between your toes as you walk along the beach. Now look at the sea as you walk, notice the colour and how claim it is and see the waves wash up against the shore, feel the suns warmth on your face and the fresh breeze from the sea.

Now look out to the sea do you see a big rock, its not far out, do you see it. Ok look at the waves now, see how they turn as they come ashore, notice them getting slower, now see how slow it is now, like its making a pathway to the rock, you can see the sand all the way to the rock. Now walk along that path to the rock and your standing on the rock now. Look around you see what you can see and remember it. Ok now look above your head do you see a bright shining light, like a star getting bigger, see it come down over your head and stop in front of you, look at it and feel the energy coming from it, do you feel it.

Ok now its turning in to the shape of a big egg, its clear and you put your hand out and feel the energy there, ok now step in to this big egg shape, its like a big bubble, see how you feel now, walk around in this egg. You feel relaxed take time to enjoy this relaxation.

ok now its time to walk back to the beach, within the egg you can walk inside it and it will be your protection, ok now walk back to the beach, again watching how the sea moves slowly in and out and walk to the beach, ok now your back on the beach.

Ok now walk along the beach following your footsteps back the way you came and come back when you are ready.

I hope you enjoyed this meditation

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