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Through the Looking Glass

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Through the Looking Glass

Circle 1 (29-4-04)


Hi to everyone and thank you for coming along to my first of a series of circles entitled “Through the Looking Glass”. Before we begin, I would like you all to have next to you a piece of paper to write on and a pen or pencil. This does not need to be a large sheet of paper, just enough to write down what you are given during the meditation that we shall do during this circle. Please also have with you a glass of water which you can take some sips from after the meditation.


Eternal Father and all the Angels
We give thanks for bringing us all here together today
To share in the knowledge and wisdom that you have bestowed upon us
We offer our prayer also
To the sick, the infirm and the needy
We pray for world peace and for preservation of the earth and all upon it
So be it (Amen)

The circle has been developed so that we can begin to see the answers that our guides, angels, spirit and most importantly our higher self are giving to us. The answer to our questions are put in front of us each and every time we put a question or need out to the Universe. So how do we begin to see and hear what we are being shown, both for ourselves and for others? One of the answers is that Ego (or fear) steps in and there is also a lack of trust of the self which of course leads to what we are being told as being masked or questioned. Trust is a big issue, trusting in the self and others as is communication and keeping your eyes and ears open.

I have named this circle “Through the Looking Glass” because in my mind the looking glass reflects the other side. The looking glass or mirror is also used frequently in meditations and regressions and stepping through the looking glass is symbolic of stepping into the other side where we are shown our guides, angels, spirit and also past lives. I would like to add at this stage that stepping through the looking glass or mirror into the other side is safe once you have grounded, opened up and put protection or light through your body. When we are born into this world, a golden cord (like the umbilical cord) runs between us and there; and this cord is only severed when we die or pass back to the other side. Our primary guide or guardian angel has the job of severing our golden cord as they know when it is we have chosen to end our time here on earth as a soul before we were born.

How many of us are guilty of believing that we listen, when indeed we are not? A classic example is that when someone is speaking to you of a problem, you are thinking of the solution. The solution is for them to know and find and is not your problem! We each carry the responsibility as Souls to find the solutions to our own problems; but so many of us rely upon the instinct of others. The solution they give to us may be right for them, but not necessarily what is right for us!

So begin now to open up and begin also to do some soul searching for you. Many have said, I fear what I will be told or what I am shown. Remove this fear and begin to listen, open up your heart, your ears and your eyes; believe me, what you hear, see or feel will not be as bad as you thought it would be.

Today we are going to do a meditation and during this meditation we shall ask to be shown our qualities. All those good things that we never see about ourselves because we are too busy thinking about others. Reaching into and knowing the self is the first step towards helping yourself and then in listening to the problems, worries or troubles of others.

The first meditation is a lovely one and brings us to our garden which is also our sanctuary. The sanctuary is a safe place or safe haven between here and the other side and is where we can feel safe and sound. We shall begin by grounding, opening up and making us all safe and snug. So please sit comfortably. Do not think about what should or will happen during this meditation or what you will see. Just relax and let your thoughts flow freely and enjoy this time taken to relax.

Sit comfortably with your feet flat on the floor and begin to take some nice deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Keep your breath nice and even, deep but relaxed. Imagine now if you will that there are roots growing from your feet which go down towards the centre of the earth. This will prevent you from getting that floating feeling and therefore no fear of floating off! As you feel these roots grow down into the earth from your feet visualise if you will that you are part of nature. We are all part of nature and part of the beauty that the maker created for the good. It is a beautiful warm sunny day and above your head you feel warmth and see a beautiful light that descends upon you. This light represents purity, healing and security. Feel now as this light descends upon you and begins to gently move down through the top of your head and into your face and then from your face to your neck. Feel the lovely warmth and let this beautiful light heal you within. Next feel as the light travels down your arms and out through the ends of your fingers. Now feel as the warmth and light travel down your back while warming and healing all the muscles, both large and small; allowing you to feel relaxed and peaceful. Next feel as the light and warmth travel down through your chest and abdomen, warming and healing all your internal organs and muscles making you feel more and more relaxed. Now the light takes its final journey down your legs and out through your toes and into the earth; down through those roots. You are now grounded and safe.

Next visualise a beautiful garden and this can be any garden of your own choosing; even your own back garden. This garden has a bench, babbling water in a small clean pond, visualise the sound of babbling water now if you will. It is a beautiful summer day and everything is so peaceful. You look at the garden wall in front of you and you see there is a mirror. Walk over to the mirror and take a look. When you look into the mirror you will see the reflection of your own garden. There is just one difference; the garden the other side of the mirror has a maze. So you step into the mirror as your curiosity gets the better of you and your wish is to conquer this maze which is full of mysteries and will show you lots of good things about yourself.

Step into the mirror now and find yourself on the other side. As you step through the mirror your guide is waiting for you and you feel joyous at seeing your guide. You embrace each other and hold hands. No words are spoken, only thoughts transferred as you can read each others minds very well as this is something you have always done naturally. You walk hand in hand to the maze with your guide and your guide will arrange to meet you at the end of the maze where she or he will have a gift for you to keep.

You begin to walk through the maze for a couple of minutes and the pathway through is a straight one, you can see a turning that leads right and as you begin to turn the corner no see an item on the ground which you bend to pick up. Please write down now what the object is (write down whatever comes to your mind first – do not change your mind and trust what you see) and we shall continue. We walk a short path and we see that the maze has a left turn this time and then we find that we have a choice of routes to take, please choose your route. You take your chosen route and find that upon the hedge of the maze is a ball of light, a coloured ball of light. Please write down now which colour your ball of light is; and then we shall continue. Next we come to the centre of the maze and we decide to sit for a moment and take a short rest or break and as we do we notice a creature sat here with us. The creature is harmless, even if it is harmful on the earth plane; but here it is gentle and kind. This is your animal guide and I would like you to write down now which creature you have seen. It is now time for us to find the end of the maze so we begin this journey feeling refreshed after our little break or rest. Once again we select a path to take which will lead us gradually out of the maze. On our first back out of the maze we find another object which is laid on the ground so once again we pick it up and examine it. Please write down now the name of the object you have picked up and we shall continue. We are now on our final path out of the maze and just before we reach the end of the maze we find a heap of pebbles on the floor, on each pebble there is written a message of hope. Please pick up a pebble of your choosing and write down if you will your message of hope shown on the pebble.

We now reach the end of the maze where our guide awaits us as promised. Our guide walks with us to the mirror that we shall go back through and which we shall find ourselves back here again. It is now time to part from our guide, and before we do so our guide hands to us a beautiful ball of light, a shimmering ball of light that is filled with healing properties. Hold this ball of light close to your chest and let it dissolve into your whole body, your whole being. Feel it’s warmth, love and healing as it goes through you. You embrace your guide and thank them and say your goodbye; and it is then that you step back through the mirror to find yourself back here again.

Before we go through all of your lists, I would like us all to close and come back here again. So please remain seated and relaxed keeping those feet of yours flat on the ground. Feel now as that wonderful light that travelled down your body through your feet comes back up through the ground. Visualise while this wonderful bright light travels through every part of your body from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. Visualise now if you would a large sleeping back with a zip on that runs from the top to the bottom of your whole body. Please step into this sleeping bag of yours and begin to close the bag so that your whole body is covered from head to toe and also so that the light cannot escape from any part of the sleeping back. You are now closed and grounded. Please take a sip of water and remain relaxed as we begin to analyse what you were shown on your journey.

Many readings were done during this circle, here you will find a sample reading just for reference.

Sample Reading

M > I got a large penknife, sparkly red, a pixie with a little green hat, a drum with crow feathers tied to it, and the message live, hope and cherish
G > How lovely, looks like NA Indian connections and I can also see that you are a practicel person too with good old fashioned values. You are also a healer and a helper of others. Your knowledge of other cultures knows no bounds and you are born teacher with the ability of showing others the way. I feel a strong cancerian aspect around you, this jumps right out at me!
M > Yes I have a cancer moon
G > Yes and many see you more as a cancerian I feel, this is prominent and shows more than your sun sign.
M > ok
G > you could make a home anywhere, even in the middle of the road if you had to!
M > Aye, have tent will travel
G > Yes and you are also one with nature and I believe that you have actually encountered and have seen some of nature’s spirits; they are with you all the time it would seem.
M > Aye this is true.
G > we call you a tree hugger on earth
M > Yes lol and I like to climb trees also!
G > You are so easy going but this does not mean there is not a wee stubborn streak there though ok, that is there for a good reason as this prevents you from doing something that you do not wish to do; this means you can say “no” to something instead of being forced into saying yes!
M > Aye this is so true I am stubborn if nagged as my last 2 wives found out!
G > So you do know how to say no and a few of us could do with taking a leaf out of your book and we would appreciate it if you could send us the potion, lol!
M > it involves fur balls lol!
G > I have to say that you were born as being one with nature and it has interested you even since childhood.
M > Aye it was you are bang on as usual.
G > And also something else I can see is that you will find a moment of fame if you have not already done so.
M > Woohooo!
G > You are also linked with herbal medicines in other lifetimes and I would not be surprised if you still dabble in them, if not you should be.
M > Oh cool, that’s wot me branching out into :) and is something that I have been thinking about already.
G > Well this is something that you are starred with and I would say continue to follow this path and go for it as you are a natural.
M > woohoo
M > thanks
G > Very well done you got some great evidence from the meditation and in fact everyone has done very well indeed, excellent work!
M > did the pixie tell u about nature spirits?
G > Yes indeed and also of your love of nature, need I say more………………

Written by SpiritGail, Designed & Editing by Sol © Mystic Familiar 2003

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