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Topics of Enlightenment

Ego, Fear & Complacency

Greetings Everyone, I will start with a little bit of history about myself. I started my path as a child with those strange unexplainable happenings that occur. I got sidetracked from the path for 10 years but felt the calling, when my grandmother died; and began in depth independent reading, researching and study. My longest teacher was roadwarrior, an Athabasken, Alaska Native American...he is the last of his kind in his tribe, the witch woman and his mother have passed. I presently have another teacher to guide me. I have had many teachers who have crossed my path. It is my firm belief that everyone one is a student and teacher!

I would like everyone to take a minute .and centre and do a silent prayer

Tonight we are going to start our discussion; with the 3 things that can cause a person to leave the path....

Fear, Ego & Complacency

Many become aware and start seeking the spiritual path but as they find their abilities/gifts/talents, they take them for granted. Then the other extreme is Ego, Some how somewhere, People sometimes forget that everything comes from the One Supreme Being Not ourselves, they just forget it seems, and give all the credit to themselves. the hardest.... our very animal nature is fight or flight i.e. fear. Then we have to overcome all the social programming we have received...and utmost our own personal demons and we all have them. But Fear is a tool of Ego to make us unsure and to keep us from evolving.
Ego wants to rule and not let our spirit emerge.
It will fight and self sabotage you. Make you think what is happening to you is crazy and not real. Fear has no bounds.

Now this is the setting for our discussion....
Fear, Ego, Complacency

What do you feel?
What is the One Supreme Being you mentioned, do you mean Universal Energy?
Universal Energy from our universe is just a tiny part of the One Supreme Being.
But how do you know that every universe put together doesn’t make the Supreme Being, which is like a human basically only with energy, or supreme image. Karma is in there too.
The Great Spirit?
Yes there are many names for the One Supreme Being.
ONE Supreme Being gives the energy a human form?
Humans are a part of the One Supreme Being

What is the One to you?
The One is the true spirit of everything known or unknown, imagined or unimagined, perceived or unperceived for universal upon universal to all eternity
and Beyond.

It is in every world universe, dimension, spirit guide, Everything!!!
Everything and we are mere specks of specks in it all. Every spiritual tradition, religion etc. All have the same basic belief’s Basically, it is all the same just different names; and then a lot of added philosophy on top of it...For Instance in the Bible alone there are over 50 names for the One. If you study the great religions... you will find the parallels. My quest began with the great flood...

So now we turn to the question - How can we avoid ego? Some people feel we cannot so there we ask why not? Is controlling ego ...that’s the issue eh?? We have an ego. The answer to this is partly; keeping ego from taking us off our spiritual path.

Why would you want to avoid the ego? Ego....makes us think We are the ones who are special... that we have all the answers and abilities are our own work. Ego helps move you forward too, without that we would all stand still. I feel that nothing stands still in this world dimension...Standing here, still soon becomes being. Behind...change is constant here in this earth world that is the lesson here. Yes.... we all have ego but to let ego become the main force is that right? Is that what we want? Is it right for someone to take all the credit for a healing say? The trouble is ...egotists don't know usually, actually realise, how they come over; or is that a level of ego too...denial? Yes, denial is a form of ego too; another facet of the same thing. Any time...that a person forgets... that they are channels for the Supreme Being... and start taking the credit or worse believes it is their own doing...then that Ego is a problem.

Indeed, you confused the two though with what you asked no offence. You will find sometimes I will be the devils advocate with my questions. When Ego becomes a problem...then what? We plateau in our development, we lose our true path and walk an illusion, and quality deteriorates. Yes and worse...Knowledge is lost... Abilities fail, soon.... there is nothing left but an ordinary unaware person. I have even seen an insanity of sorts. I have seen a fabulous medium’s ability been replaced with ego and showmanship. I think if Ego totally takes over; you don’t get an ordinary person...You get a real space cadet type ... that does no good for the name or practice of mediumship and spirituality.

Even worse than all this.... when a person starts falls to the power and control of Ego, the begin to slip over to the other side from Light to Dark.... they start to turn sort of grey.... (or red is another name) then they just get darker and darker.... the opposite of light workers...darks. Is not everyone ordinary then? Power i.e. energy neutral neither light nor dark the intention that it is used, is what is important. Negatives? I guess if you accept concept of light love and truth; you have to accept the dark and all that goes with it. There is the opposite of light yes; and degrees between. We all know the ying and yang symbol? It is a Round circle with a white swirl and a black swirl interlocked. The white has a small circle of black the black a small circle of white. Okay in the dark there is a speck of light nothing is ever completely dark. The white has a speck of dark that could equal ego.

Don’t you feel we need to have a measure of ego to survive, to thrive and push forward. So how do we know? How do we keep our ego in check? It is a balancing act.... Ego...yes makes us curious but if we become driven by it, or controlled by it ...Ego is too much then. Does it not also drive us to be the best we can be? Yes, small Ego can...but large amounts of Ego also makes you want to keep up with the Jones materialistically. It wants you to become involved with getting certificates, a lot of them for learning. It makes you concerned with how much your clothes cost and the car you drive.... on and on, and while you are so distracted.... what are you doing with your spiritual path?

I feel that Ego does allot more than that! Ego is only a problem if you allow it to drive you in such a, manner/direction / fashion. So does that imply there is a positive and a negative ego...? There has to be, to keep yin and yang balanced??? However, I am biased, I am an old hippy. And were the priorities of the hippies far off? Think of all the worlds monks and nuns… Far out Hun! But then are certificates not also building blocks? Encouragements to work harder at learning too? Are the certificates just a by-product of your leaning, or to show off on the wall to people? What is the intention behind it? Ego also makes you fearful. What if you do not get the certificate, what will everyone think.... you are a failure...? Certificates can also be a way to give oneself a feeling of self worth. Achievement when it has never been given to you before. It depends where you place them I guess? Yes the degree of Ego or Ego....
I feel both... but also a thing to achieve for yourself. It is just another contract that binds you in a way isn’t it. This is true... That is not Ego controlled. Ego creates fears, and magnifies and repeats experiences like bad ones, making them worse. Little Ego also says I can be I will be I am better than this. It is as someone said, there is positive and negative to everything. A little of something is good like, some Fear of falling rocks that makes you run away, is good. But then there is dark and light why not then? Because in ego, fear, and compliancy, like in the ying and yang symbol; there is no pure light or dark. There is No black and white there are only degrees of grey between. True complete light, is the One Supreme Being that all paths lead to… Dark is the total extreme opposite... There is a whole spectrum of grey between. There are both. They are part of everything. You have to have both! So is the Supreme Being both dark and light also? Yes, if you accept the concept that there is only One? What’s a Supreme Being? One created everything.. It is part of the whole; a definition of Hell is the absence of God. Ahhh but then that’s a heavy thing to say, who created the one? One just Is...No beginning No ending. Alpha and Omega…infinity. We are in hell! Are we? Only if we choose to be. Were in heaven? Perspective! Perception.... positive or negative? Depends on your concept and acceptance of the g-o-d word doesn’t it?

Everyone torments one another, everyone denies another’s pain. I Don’t agree sorry. I don’t intentionally, set out to ' torment' anyone. Okay.... who felt the pain of the tsunami? Who actually got sick when that much energy was just gone? I am an empathic like I said is something I saw. I believe everyone is an empathic...just depends on how strong that ability/gift is. I wish that was true, Maybe in your world! I believe it Is true, everyone comes into this world with a full set of cards or abilities/ gifts some are very, very weak, and others are very strong. Why is life a game of cards? Okay...not cards let us say with a full Set of abilities, you have all the gifts/abilities....but they are not all equal... You can make some of the weaker ones stronger by experience and work... We are all healers is basic human nature to put our hands on others pain... just not everyone chooses to use the ability.. In fact many don’t but its there. I usually chose not to heal...I can heal...and I can heal hard cases.... But that is not my strongest gift...and there are many healers. I agree but does that not mean are Ego is in control? I reckon most ego isn’t. What is your intent when healing? Is it for power and recognition, or to truly help? Intent.... Thought is energy... it can create. No wish for power and like to stay in the shadows. On the other side in other dimensions, etc..and in our past... whatever we think becomes reality. If you imagine a monster.... then there is a monster... Your thoughts are Real energy...and they create exactly what you think. Hear! hear! Is there a monster with in us? Yes, we all have the possibility of a monster inside of us. Okay Thank You. Are you referring to when meditation? Yes, meditation, astral travel to the other side, this world… Is Ego a monster? Uncontrolled yes. I never thought what I was picking up, so how come it seemed real to me? What are you picking up? The energy you feel? Yes feel the negative energy. If you create a mindset, where everyone is against You... and you gives it power. Thoughts then that thought becomes real.... because there is no room for any other possibility. I don’t create those mindsets though, they are already there. Is that the 1st step on the path to full blown paranoia? Then the trick is to look for the sparks of light, to look for the good bits, and change the focus.

We all feel energy right? Anyone not know what I mean? Yes have it around me a lot. Okay...Healing Energy is different than Universal Energy Is it? Universal Energy is different than Divine Energy, Vegetable/Plant energy is different. It all has different feelings, but it is all part of the Divine Energy. What is Divine Energy? Divine Energy is from the One Supreme Being, All of it, like combined. What’s the diff between Divine Energy and Earth Energy? Can you use Earth Energy for healing others? Yes, Earth Energy is a part/facet of Divine Energy...Divine Energy is all energy a Total combination. Then the Earth planet also has ley lines.... a powerful energy flow like veins or nervous system. What’s the difference? If a rainbow is just diffracted white light, showing lots of different colours.. yet still only white light .. then cannot Universal Energy also be diffracted? Exactly! Ahhh...the different vibration level...ok I can take that.

Well I can't tell which one I am feeling then. And that is okay. Your life or spiritual path is like a spiral going ever upward. Every time you finish one circle of the spiral, you begin another one with all the same lessons, just advanced from the last cycle. No is smarter or better than another, we are all working on the same lessons just at different levels. Scratches head. That is why we always reach behind us and help the others up. That is what we are doing here in this site! Roadwarrior and Arachna helped me, I helped Amber, she helped you, and you will help others!

Why do we think we are better than the other? Ego. So too much Ego could drive you over the edge, over to a little Ego okay! Yes cannot help it we all come with some ego. But we do not have to let it take us over, and keep us from fulfilling our lifetime spiritual lessons. Is finding balance that’s the hard part. Everyone, I work with, I seem to have to start with balance, especially when they are in transition from non-awareness to awareness.

What make me hopping mad, is people have a lot; and they think they know it all, as for me only got a little ego seems to be going okay. I would of thought another’s ego was what effected our own. It does sometime, it is usually obvious when you are in a relationship and the other is draining you of energy that is why shielding is important, sometimes with the most important one person in your life. I married the only shield I every found...LOL. I think I need to keep a big charger ready! Yes, and regular charging is preferred, more importantly than charging is this.... Do not relay on your own energies.... be open to the Divine Energy and channel like a radio. You can Never have enough Personal Energy, it will always be depleted. Your crown charka is where it flows in, have it fill you, and then let it flow through you, if you try to hold it will feel overloaded. It overloaded LOL, sometimes too much. IF overloaded, ground; think of tree roots into the earth, if necessary lay on the ground, or floor. The Earth takes the extra energy and transforms it does everything. No wasn’t that always giving.

I have this theory.... Many of us have health problems. I believe it comes from actual energy burnout. Mishandling of energy... We are energy systems...nerves that connect with spurts of energy, which we can blow out.... too much energy. We may try and do too much and our body gives out. Allowing the balance to become ... unbalanced. So balance is essential, an actual survival technique. If you cannot handle are in trouble...

So it is like scales, one side can weigh more then the other side, so this happens we must doing something about it. If you let energy do what it wants unbalanced. If you don’t give something that lives attention; sooner or later it dries up and dies. Would of thought the burnout would be due to similar reasons. And....we all screw up. It is just as we learn and become more aware; we screw up less and less severely.

Our body is a temple, if we don’t look after it, it will fall down. Our body is a voice and we must listen to, some chose not to listen to it. They do not listen they are Lazy.
I don’t agree. Good! Why? You are making your own presumption without understanding why. Therefore, your Ego in a way speaking. Of what, I love this, please proceed? What you think other people are. Judgemental? Yes! Lazy is rather a judgemental word. Biggest mistake anyone makes is giving that attention to those who they judge, and not helping the ones in need of their precious time and energy. Why do we judge each other though. Is it because we don't understand? So we judge each other? There are other alternatives, Other reasons, Unconsidered, Lack of information, Social conditioning, Lack of empathy, Not walking in their shoes, Not as well informed... have no access to the info...? We all are given helpers, they are there to help whoever they are mentally able. Friends, people to support when it is needed.
Some friend chose to walk away when the other is in need to. Lazy is a harsh choice or word, okay...I will accept that I could have said that better and yes I was being judgemental. I am speaking to a room of light workers.... I should not have assumed they all knew to listen to their bodies, and to try to help the body...

I guess I am judgemental, in that if a person does not know any better they are in ignorance of the knowledge, although if a person does know better and doesn’t do then they are stupid, and yes, this is one of my past life lessons that I struggle with. Then we are all ignorant and stupid together then aren’t we. And struggling, I still struggle with it as you all can see. So do we all. Okay, I can't speak for everyone, but I can speak for myself. We all have that little bit of dark in our light.... just like in the ying yang symbol. Yes

Here is a problem for a light work and ego.... other people put them up on a pedestal sometimes, and that is easy to go to your head. Yes, don't like pedestals.... afraid of heights. And pedestals are a lousy place to be too. Too draughty, not comfy at all, think pedestals no very good for peep who don’t like heights…think chop it down so not so scared of heights. The opposite of Ego I think is long as we can keep humble...then Ego doesn't have a chance. That is why many of the light do not tell what they do, Only do it. That is right that is why it is getting so hard to find teachers who will share. Did anyone notice that I was very quiet when I first came to this site? I share what I know. I was taught in a way ...that I just know, but cannot give you the text and verse of it. I get answers, I have no idea where they came from, and have no history that I would ever know the answer.

You will have ‘knowings’ information...that is not yours it is channelled...and as long as you have grown to recognize it as such...then share it...or go and find it on the web and study it more. Such in the Chat this week…the Sophia factor. How many of us hit the web that night looking for the scriptures of Sophia. Who is she I have never heard of her before? She is the female facet of the One, the Goddess and then that very week, I hit someone who brought it up... Sophia is the Greek name for the Holy Ghost. Home is the original Hebrew version. Arkoma I am uncertain of spelling, it’s a transliteration anyway, dream, Hebrew lacks vowels... uses little diacritical marks instead... if they think of it. It is an actually name; they translated it out of the original language while leaving Jesus and the lords in original. That hid the fact it was the name of third person. I have just written about something similar to that. I wrote about the sign of the cross in a similar aspect. I found in my studies; all traditions started with one. Omni-potent god, then there was under it a male then also a female deity, then they split from there in similar ways till you had many lesser gods or like saints. Anyone else ever notice that? I tend to think of saints as part of God’s executive staff. I think of them as different facets of the One thing. Like a diamond, One diamond, one celestial corporation (for lack of better terminology)... many ways of looking at this none of them wrong. Absolutely correct! I am not sure.... I think in some ways saints were shown tube mortal men and women to show us we can be God / Christ like, whatever, with application. Maybe saint was not the right word.... it is like the Egyptian hierarchy or the Indian East, Greek or Roman hierarchy...

Ascended Masters typically referred to people who either were mortal or associated with mortals, and therefore know more about us. Knowing more, the Guides, and minds of men and women and the condition of their world and in some cases, Egyptian = Greek = Roman (like Athena and Minerva). Yes.... otherwise what do us mortals aspire to? i.e. 'oh I can’t do that...they're gods etc'. Ascended Masters can also be thought of as older souls that come back to teach again and again, many are never recognized as ascended masters but just ordinary people. True, many do incarnate as mortals at one time or another as part of their life lessons.

So if we come back from a passed life, was it meant to teach us something about the life we are living now? Then they can teach. Yes, you have a set of goals/lessons you want to work on in this lifetime. If you fail, you keep coming back repeating the lesson till you get it. If you succeeded you start a new set of lessons in the next lifetime. I think the fact they may reincarnate as mortals is more for benefit of others (i.e. teaching) than the soul itself? When you are done at this earth dimension, you can move on to other schools or maybe a different kind of dimension not in universe form. The curriculum for your next class on the learning planet or learning universe depending on the next destination...but it's possible to fail and get held back a life. Mine one must been too much trust, so come back again to learn from it. Yes...maybe fail is not the right word, it just does not go as you off course or did not give you the lesson you wanted.

Then you can quit... freewill.... Yes, I said it quit... Each lifetime comes with one ultimate ending...that is it no choice, But it has many other times that you can opt out. I would like to quit someday. Can take that one up with the life review board, wasn’t meant to be funny, but if you derive humour from it, then great, but I've had some past life regressions that did include the lesson review with the life review board. After a lifetime, there is a period of review and evaluation. Have you ever been in a near miss accident? Or heard of the person who did not get on the plane, and it crashed? Or took a call and missed the plane crashing into the conference room. I know of at least 3 times in my life... I believe that everyone has several possible exit points in his or her life and it depends on the higher self making that split-second decision at that moment. You will usually come back with a group of other souls to act out the plot. The soul group trade parts from lifetime to lifetime. Would that be a karmic tie? Trading roles? Sometimes it can be yes.

I hope I didn’t step on toes in hear, sorry if I have, I will be quiet now. Oh …no way...this is open anyone can say anything.... remember I said, we will hear things we do not know. Things that are unfamiliar or uncomfortable; and that is Ok Like I loved it when someone speaks up that teaches me a lesson. That is why.... for this discussion to succeed, we have to trust and love enough to be able to say anything. We are here to share. No one knows answers, just their own truths. We all just debating what we have much to add. I think that depends sometimes its as though although the info isn’t ours as such, we *know* what it means.... and sometimes we don’t. It depends who the info is for and their needs. Yes ‘knowings’ Have any of you ever read Jane Roberts 'SETH'. 'SETH' is an entity, who used Jane Roberts as a vessel to give information to our world. Her husband took the notes and transcribed them. Seth wrote four books that way. Jane had never even believed in any of this, and was sure she was insane. I think he (Seth) influenced many light workers' thinking? Yes he did.... Richard Bach, author of Illusions and Jonathan Livingston Seagull talked to him. Seth.... made it acceptable.

Thank you all for coming and sharing!

Topics of Enlightenment - Ego, Fear & Complacency


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