Circle 11-12-03

Welcome all to the second part of the tarot circle.

Tonight those of you with cards will need some space.

Last week we started by looking at the Major Arcana or Trump cards of the tarot and the story that is depicted in them, the story of the journey made by every consciousness from infancy to the state of complete awareness.

For those of you with cards now would be a good time to get them ready and sort though them for the 22 Trump cards
For those of you who haven’t got yours yet, not to worry as this workshop is being put into archive and can be accessed at anytime, also handy to refer back to previous sessions.

There is no standard tarot pack as such although a pack of 78 cards is the norm. All packs have been drawn at sometime by someone, and as such they are all of equal worth. Generally, they conform to the guide given in these sessions but it must be said that they do vary.
The cards names are often in different languages; the suits have different labels; and there are various differing titles and pictures to some of the main themes of the 22 Major Arcana, some packs have more decoration than others and the number of cards may vary.
However, let me say now that all this is really unimportant, if you are unsure which pack to get don’t be. Buy whichever pack attracts you or you like the look of thats the pack for you.
The secret of the tarot lies not in the cards but your understanding of them. This understanding will grow as you learn more of their meanings and as you get used to using your pack then very soon your pack will become “your pack”.

Now are we all ready to lay out cards.

Tonight we will be looking at the remaining 12 Trumps as we covered the first 10 last week but to do this I want those with cards to lay them out in a figure of 8 as follows;

Take the Wheel of Fortune, card number 10 and the World card number 21, lay them on the table to create an “X” with the Wheel of Fortune underneath and its label or bottom facing right and the World with its label or bottom facing left.

Next starting with the top left hand side of the cross lay the Fool, card number 0 with its label or bottom facing left then complete the top loop of the figure 8 with the hermit card number 9, all labels should face outwards on the loop.

So all should now have cards 0 to 9 in the top loop.

Next the bottom loop should continue from the Wheel of Fortune on the left hand bottom of the cross with Strength card number 11 around to the right hand corner and finish with Judgement or card number 20 the bottom loop should have all the labels or bottoms inside the loop
Ok you have, in fact, laid the cards down in the symbol of infinity. This is the map of the journey that is told in our story

As you can see, the journey is in two parts, with a turning point in the middle. The 22 cards of the Tarot represent the 22 different energies which act upon us growing humans as we make our journey.
As we go through life, we pass in and out of many different situations, and in every situation we have a particular feeling, our lives are a series of feelings
You might therefore conclude that in order to understand ourselves and our lives all we have to do is understand this flow of feelings, this is true but there is one major snag.
If you stop at any given point in the day and ask yourself “what am I feeling now” the answer you get back as you scan through your thoughts, emotions and aspirations is likely to be extremely complicated and time consuming. However, imagine for a second that instead of asking the question of your conscious mind, that you had the means of speaking to your deeper, intuitive self, What would the answer be then? The answer would be much, much simpler
M: divination of some sort
Instead of the host of words, emotions, attitudes, concepts and moral judgements, the answer would come back strong and clear.
These are the 22 basic inner energies and are all represented on card 0 to 21 of the Trump cards
In understanding this you now have a good basis on which to start learning
Ok good if you have a question afterwards you are welcome to stay

We will now continue with the story of the Major Arcana
The remaining cards are;
XI Strength or Fortitude
XII The Hanged Man
XIII Death
XIV Temperance
XV The Devil
XVI The Tower
XVII The Star
XVIII The Moon
XIX The Sun
XX Judgement
XXI The World

We start as we finished last week with the Wheel of Fortune spinning you off on a new voyage
But this time who knows where

The next card is Strength or Fortitude. For the first time, you can see what your up against in your other self. You sense that only by fearless confrontation can the primeval forces within you be understood.
You are confident and feel no fear. And so to The Hanged Man. Here, you willingly and deliberately throw your life into a state of topsy-turvy.
As far as your concerned, up could as well be down and vice versa. Any differentiation between the two you are quite prepared to sacrifice in the cause of your growth, and sure enough…….Death, (or as its sometimes called Transformation).
This is your first moment of spiritual success. You are in a position to see how your old, small self is dying away.
Yet you do not mourn it.
Temperance is next. You’re on the path and you know you’re getting the measure of it.
The imbalance hinted at all those cards ago is beginning to even out. This is the feeling of the card Temperance. But it is not over yet. What should rise from your subconscious now but The Devil.
The Devil is a force that has to be seen for what it is if growth is to continue. And sure enough, like a bolt from the blue, - and with shattering consequences – your progress does continue.
You have arrived at The Tower. Here you see that you are involved in a process of unlearning those things you thought were certainties. You now really know something about the powers that lie within.
Your journey is not yet over but you are no longer wandering blindly, The Star, is there to reassure you and guide you towards your ultimate goal.
Between you and it lies one final adventure – The Moon. The supremely attractive, fascinating and ultimately deceptive lunar forces must be tested, tasted and understood. It is a risky business and it involves faith.
Then, at last after the dark night of The Moon…… The Sun
Showing attainment, victory, success and enlightenment, but still very much to do with the separate, enlightened individual. All very well but inevitably the journey must proceed yet further.
The Judgement symbolizes willingness to let go of all individuality no matter how spiritual or deep and no matter how hard won. The Judgement is the pay-off.
After this card, the being can experience freely the perfection of the final state, expressed so beautifully in The World. From this card, to the innocence of The Fool is now just one simple step. And so the cycle repeats itself.
It’s quite a story and your not expected to swallow it all in one sitting.
If any of the feelings in this story are familiar to you, then take the card in question and focus on it.
It will provide a starting point from which you can gain valuable insight into your own inner state and also enable you to develop a good working knowledge of the forces at work in the Tarot.
Thank you for listening…. That concludes tonight workshop.
M : I have three cards between judgment and the world
G : I have thought about this
Their meanings are as would be supplied with the cards
The designers feel that their is a gap with the pack you use so use them as written
M : k ty hun :)
M : my number xi card is justice, will this make a difference?

G : As I say most teaching is based on 22 trumps so I will research it and add it when i can
M : But they do run with normal tarot as far as meanings go
M : yes meanings are the same
G : ok then you will find as we go on the card really doesn't matter where it is
M : it is how the deal is turned

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