Circle 4-12-03

Tonight we will be dealing mainly with the tarot sets that are made up of 78 cards but there are those of you who use other types. We will be using all kinds throughout this set of workshops and as I find out what people are using then they will be added.

There are some packs that will have some extra cards but normally they will provide information on these cards in the pack when you get them.
One of the hardest things people find is learning and remembering their cards so some of what I will be doing is relevant to all cards.
Firstly for all of you here we will introducing the tarot and what it is, these workshops will start with the basics though to the deeper meanings of the cards and how to remember them as you progress.
We all know a bit about tarot, some of you a lot more, so some have done reading and maybe some of you have not, so, on this basis, we will start at the beginning.
I've had and used cards for about 22 years and I am sure some of you can tell me a thing or two lol.
I don't know everything but will try a enlighten most of you with some thing new.

Most packs consist of 78 cards, the Major Arcana of 22 cards and the Minor Arcana of 56 cards; the Minor cards are further split onto 4 suits of 14 cards.
The Minor Arcana suits also have a human aspect attached to them, which also helps you to remember their meanings.
The emotional aspect, known as the Cups or Hearts etc
The physical aspect, known as the Rods, Batons or Clubs etc
The material aspect, known as the Discs, Coins, Pentacles or Diamonds etc
The Mental aspect, known as the Swords or Spades etc
You will notice I’ve added the standard playing card as people do use them
The 22 Major Arcana or Trump cards, as they are also known all have a roman numeral, a picture and a title.
It is the Major Arcana that we are going to deal with first
The cards are:
0 The Fool
I The Magician
II The High Priestess
III The Empress
IV The emperor
V The High Priest
VII The Chariot
VIII Justice
IX The Hermit
X The Wheel of Fortune
They are the first ten and should follow thru on most packs or have a similar name
For those who have their cards take the 22 Trump cards from the pack and lay them out in order as above. From 1 to 10.

We deal with the trump cards first as again some prefer to work with these alone.
Although there are basic meanings to the cards some of you will get something completely different off the cards as time goes on. That’s ok that’s how it should be.

Those who have got their cards laid out should have the first 10 trump cards.
This is the map of a journey made by every consciousness (including your own) from infancy to the state of complete awareness.
You should have the fool to start and the wheel of fortune as the tenth card which is at the middle point of the 22 major cards.
These are the cards that we will look at tonight.
1 to 10 or I to X
The 22 cards of the tarot represent the 22 different energies, which act upon us as we make our journey.
I want to tell the story of the journey quite briefly here, and in a later workshop examine the symbols in much more detail.
You start off as The Fool. You are literally a baby, pure, innocent and unaware of yourself as a separate person. You have no number. Out of this unformed innocence emerges an identity. A feeling of I exist,
I can manipulate things around me. This is card number I, The Magician: the wielder of the tools of consciousness and the symbol of the human and his craving to discover his limits and purpose.
This fragile being is subjected to four huge forces in its little life The High Priestess, The Empress, The Emperor and The High Priest.
These are the powerful currents of female and male aspects, spiritual and material tendencies. Then we come to The Lovers, carrying with it the feeling of adolescent rejection of ones family in preference for a mate, a time of choice and of becoming responsible for one’s own life.
The story unfolds with the Chariot; here the self is picking up momentum in the world and rolling along in a self-made vehicle. But wait!
You have achieved an identity and your affairs are definitely rolling in the world? but where are you going?
You start to weigh up. The card Justice is the voice of this feeling. Justice suggests that so far your growth has been a bit one sided.
Inevitably, this process of self-examination leads to the Hermit.
As the Hermit you stand alone. You are determined to find your happiness in the fulfillment of those unknown feelings first brought to your attention by Justice.
The Wheel of Fortune spins and you’re off again on a new voyage.
Well there you have it the first half.
It’s a way I was taught years ago and always try to remember this story I think you will find it will help you to remember these cards.

I will do the other trumps next week then go on in more detail how to remember your cards

Later as we get involved with spreads we will be touching on the tree of life
and also a mild meditation for learning.

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