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Working with Energy

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Spiritual Wellbeing

Working with energy

Circle 4 (9-2-04)

I would like to welcome everyone along to today’s Circle; thank you all for taking time out to come along. This Circle is about working with energy and how we can create a more balanced outlook by using our energy and the energy of the planet i.e. from the plants, trees, sun, rain etc.

Before we begin, I would like to say a short prayer:

Eternal Father and All The Angels,
We thank you for bringing us all here together today
To learn your loving, good way
We dedicate this prayer
To the sick, the infirm and the needy
To those at war we pray for world peace and their safe keeping
We pray for preservation of the earth and all upon it
Including the animals, the birds and all nature
So be it

I shall now read the lesson for today and when I have finished, I welcome any questions that you may have. Please indicate if you wish to ask a question by placing a ? into the room and your questions will be answered in turn, thank you.

It is ancient belief that our body that houses our soul was created from elements that were taken from the earth, water, minerals, proteins and other essential ingredients that made us so we could live comfortably on earth. In synergy the earth works with our body providing oxygen so we may breathe and water so our bodies may be hydrated, plants so we may eat and be well, herbaceous plants and fruits for medication and wellbeing and of course animals were placed here for us to eat and provide us with other essential nutrients that our bodies require.

Each organism gives off energy as do we and it is meant that we exchange energies and give back to the earth what the earth gives to us. For example, it is said that if a person has breathing difficulties, it is good to keep plants around as they omit oxygen and in turn they use the carbon dioxide that we breathe out. In fact we are exchanging this energy constantly with nature but sadly we are also becoming destructive and we are destroying trees, plants, wildlife needlessly. The time has now arrived whereby more people are becoming more aware of the damage that has been done and we are trying desperately to put this right. A good example is that of the ozone layer whereby we are using products that gases that are less damaging. We are also recycling paper so that less trees and forests are saved. We are recycling water and scientists are developing bio-degradable packaging. This is all a very positive step forward.

How can we continue this process of exchanging energies to improve our own wellbeing?

Let us take a closer look at nature and the qualities that it brings. Nature does not have ego, it does not hate and it does not judge, or lie or cause pain. The energy that comes from nature is pure and good and wholesome. I would like to show you a small meditation if I may so that you may understand how the exchange of energy with nature can be so beneficial for your own wellbeing; this shall only take 5 minutes and you will feel refreshed and vitalised.

Visualise if you would that you are sitting in a beautiful country garden. It is a beautiful day with just a warm breeze and you are sitting on the lush green lawn. Begin to focus on the beauty of nature around you, keep focusing and begin to feel the wonderful energy, so pure and everything that is good. As you focus begin to see and feel this energy that nature is omitting and breathe this in and when you breathe out visualise that you are giving back to nature the very ingredient it requires for it to survive. Let this exchange continue for a while longer and you will soon begin to feel good inside. This is a wonderful meditation and a wholesome one too, working with and appreciating the beauty and wonder of nature, indeed what could be better!

For those who do not have a garden, you can make your own indoor garden with just a few nice potted plants. The objective is exchange with nature and it does not require a huge park or garden. Make this part of your daily routine, just 10 minutes per day is perfect and more if you wish. This routine is as effective and relaxing as a warm scented bath.

When we are fed, watered and nurtured we grown into happy human beings and the same will apply to nature. It is not unknown for some people to talk or sing to plants and tests have shown that plants who receive such attention thrive more than those who do not. The same applies to animals, our pets who love us unconditionally and who welcome us home. Of course animals have a different kind of energy to plants and we exchange love with them. We love them and they love us back. We harm them and they become intimidated and rebel. It is a known fact that animals have a calming influence on us. They can make us feel guarded and safe and loved. This brings us to another meditation or if you have a dog, cat or other animal that you can pet for real, then please use them during the following meditation.

Please visualise that you are sitting by a warm cosy log fire on a big fluffy rug and your favourite pet or animal of your choice is beside you, (this can be a Siberian Tiger if you wish!). Begin by visualising that you have both eaten a hearty meal and have drank fresh water and now you are both content just to sit together so that you may feel the love and respect you have for one another. Imagine then that you are stroking your chosen animal and it purrs with contentment and in turn this makes you feel contented. Let that wonderful feeling or energy wash over you making you feel good and whole. Feel also the love and respect that the animal gives to you, feel that trust and everything that is good and wholesome. This is a wonderful way of exchanging energy with animals and is also a lovely meditation for those days when you are feeling unloved or unappreciated as we do from time to time.

Last but not least we come to exchanging energy with our fellow human beings. Human beings are the most complex on the planet and therefore the energies exchanged are also complex and are often misunderstood and misused. We all feel that we know and understand how others are feeling and often we base this judgement upon how we ourselves are feeling. We bounce our energy all over the place when we are happy and when we are sad our energy quite literally sticks to us and we feel we need to give ourselves a good shake in order to shake it off. So, what happens if someone comes along full of bouncy happy energy while we are stuck with our sticky unhappy energy? Well, our sticky unhappy energy sticks to their infectious big happy energy and gets absorbed. This is what happens when we walk into a room and feel a sad negative energy, there we were feeling nice and happy and bouncy and now all we feel is sticky and sad. What we do to prevent this sticky energy from attaching itself to our happy energy? Well, we continue to think happy thoughts, we can smile, joke, hug and do all the things that make us feel happy as human beings. The negative sad energy will begin to either drop to the ground where it will be absorbed into the core of the earth and burned in the great fire or we can send it to the light. Keep smiling and being positive though because there may be a tad of sticky energy still around ready to attach itself into your happy energy, always be prepared and think happy thoughts. This is just one way that we can stabilise our happy energy.

Imagine now if you could see the energy of two people stood together. Visualise them as they walk up to one another in a happy mood. They shake hands or exchange hugs and their happy energy surrounds them. Watch as they make each other laugh and watch also how the good energy is transferred from one to the other. Imagine now that one of them becomes angry and begins to pull their energy into them in turn making this sticky energy. Then visualise the sticky energy pulling on the good energy and as the argument progresses the other person also begins to make his or her own sticky energy while the good energy is being absorbed by the person who started the argument! Eventually, they will both end up with the sticky sad energy attached to them. How do we neutralise this situation? We can do a number of things, one stop the argument or nip it in the bud. Two, we can begin to think happy loving thoughts or three step back and think happy loving thoughts and walk away hence making a distance from the sticky sad energy. The lesson here is quite simple, good energy is more positive and powerful than sad sticky energy. So therefore, we DO have the CHOICE to walk away or be in control of how other human beings can make us feel i.e. happy or sad. We CAN change the situation if we do so choose.

Balance is the key to feeling happy, fulfilled and this enables us to think and perform more clearly as human beings in order to see and learn our lessons. Remember, nature and the animals have something to teach us, and what they teach us is unconditional love, forgiveness, understanding, patience in fact they teach us all that is good. They are a benchmark or example to us all and if we can use our energy as effectively as nature and the animals do, then we shall all be happier and healthy.

Keep in mind two people getting on well together and think of all that lovely positive energy flowing between them. If a third person should join you and they are feeling sad or unhappy, remember to keep that positive energy flowing while being empathic to their situation. Remember also that hugs, tenderness, listening and understanding are also energies that are powerful and good. Protect yourself always with good energy; imagine it is a shield around you that no one can penetrate unless you let them!

We are all given the gift of choice, choose wisely and be happy!

Written by Spiritgail, Designed & Edited by Sol © Mystic Familiar 2003

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