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Circle 2 (15-12-03)

Reincarnation has to be the subject that I have found most fascinating during my own spiritual journey here.

I always believed that we have evolved through many lifetimes and have experienced many situations such as murdering, being murdered, adultery, fighting in a war, leadership and more. We have also known how it is to be both male and female. We have also belonged to many different cultures and religions and have lived in other countries.

We have done so by choice and by way of learning our life lessons which enable us to evolve with a deeper understanding of fellow souls. This choice is made before we incarnate and it is at this time also, we also decide who our family will be also taking into account the lessons we have left to learn. Many find this difficult to come to terms with and say, if I could do so I would not choose the parents I have now!

As I said we choose people such as our parents based on the lessons we are here to learn. For example it may be the lesson of forgiveness, one of your parents may seem to have been hard on you in childhood and you will dislike them for it, your lesson here is to try and understand them and then accept them for who they are and then forgive them and move on. That is just one example, there are many more.

We can also choose to meet souls in this lifetime that we know in the spirit world, they can belong to our soul group or we may have been with them in another or many other life times. You will usually know the people you have met before as it will feel like you have known them a hundred years. It is said we meet again to be reminded of our lessons in this life time. The experience with this person in this life time can be a good or a bad one, but just know that it is something to learn by.

We also experience different situations to enable us to be able to relate to other souls who are going through the same in this life time. Many have returned here to become light workers or earth guides and they too experience sadness, pain and sorrow.

How do we find out about our past lives? We can do this through the following means, our dreams, regression (hypnosis) or meditation.

Through dreams we should look out for places we have never been to in this lifetime and we will see ourselves as not looking like we do now. We can also see others whom we were with in past lives and know in this lifetime and will recognise them as being them but they will not look as they do now. You may also visit a place after dreaming of it and recognise it instantly or feel you have been there before. Sometimes you will feel at home there and sometimes not, this depends upon the experiences you had at that time as in whether they were good or bad.

Regression should be carried out by a person who is qualified as it can be very in depth and takes you back to childhood experiences during this time and then further back to past lives where you may have experienced something you would rather forget. A good therapist will get to know you a little better before carrying out the regression and will discuss anything that you would rather not go back to or people who you would rather not see.

Meditation is also a good way to try and find out about past lives and you can ask your guides to show you life times that have something to teach or show you. Always protect yourself in your meditation with white light and if you can make yourself a sanctuary (this could be a garden) to which you can return at any time and feel safe during the meditation. You can ask to meet your guides in the garden and they may be able to tell you about your past life times and the lessons you have learned and the ones which you need to learn during this time.

Many of our skills are carried with us throughout our life times such as music, artistic talent, singing just to name but a few. Many of us have also carried a message through each life time, for example my lives have all been based around religion and in some life times I was murdered for my beliefs. Sometimes these skills are buried in our soul memory and during regression are uncovered and we find that all of a sudden we become an excellent artist or have a hidden talent we never knew we could tap in to. From a spiritual perspective it is useful to go back as we begin to learn about lessons we have already learned and become aware of lessons that we have to learn during this time.

My final word on regression is to get a good qualified therapist and to understand exactly why it is you wish to go back. You may see things that are disturbing and a qualified therapist will know how to walk you through these situations so that when you are awake, the memory will not upset you.

The room is now open for questions, thank you.

M: May I say something please?
S: Yes of course.
M: I had an experience with my son when he was 3 year old, 'he called me into the living room...and said to me ' I knew you were going to be my mom and daddy'
G: children have vivid memory of past life recall, they retain this until the age of 7
M : I asked how did he know this....he said I saw you
SG: How lovely!
G: My own son did the same; he recalled living in a farm with a sister and dogs
M: May I tell you of my experience please?
G: Yes please!
M: I saw my daughter when I was pregnant, I actually seen her in my womb
G: How was this?
M: It was in my dreams and when she was born, she looked exactly as I had seen her
G: That is wonderful, thank you for sharing with us
G: I always recommend that people write all their dreams down as a lot of past life recall comes through dream state, it is good to be able to go back and look at dreams that are similar.

Written by Spiritgail, Designed & Edited by Sol © Mystic Familiar 2003

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