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Emotional Affects on Health

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Spiritual Wellbeing

Emotional Affects on Health

Circle 5 (29-3-04)


Eternal Father and All the Angels
We are blessed to be together here today
To share the love and knowledge you have bestowed upon us
We wish to send our love, light and prayers
To those who cannot be here today
To the sick, the infirm and the needy
We pray for world peace and for preservation of the earth
And all who inhabit it
So be it (Amen)

Welcome to today’s circle at Mystic Familiar and thank you all for coming along!

Today we are going to speak about the health and wellbeing of our bodies and how pain within our bodies can reflect the problems going on in our life right now. I must stress at this point however, that any extreme or prolonged pain must be reported to your Doctor/GP immediately without any delay. The pain or illness I speak of during this circle is pain caused by circumstance, cause and effect.

We shall begin with the head and many of us suffer with headaches, which of course is primarily caused by stress. Stress comes about when we worry about a given situation or situations and as a result we become tense and we get a headache. A headache is often the sign of denial of the self and the ability to create a solution. In the spiritual sense this means that we are not working with the higher self in order to tap into the knowledge that is freely available to us and that knowledge and wisdom that has been inherited throughout of lifetimes here on earth and also from the spirit plane. We can best tap into this knowledge through meditation or just pure relaxation. It is also important that we sleep and rest well as this does have the best effect on our mental wellbeing.

Sore eyes are linked with refusal to see what is in front of you both in the physical and spiritual sense. If you are one of the lucky few who do not need to wear glasses, this could be because your sight is your strongest sense and also that you will not miss what is going on around you. You may be known as a people watcher for example and will be good at picking up people’s traits and mannerisms. Remember, just as the other muscles in our bodies need to be exercised, so do our eye muscles. Begin to use the eyes and you will begin to see a whole new world! Have you ever heard the saying “none as so blind as those who do not see”, this relates to those who are mentally and not physically blinded.

Numerous colds are associated with the nose, throat and ears and many of us also experience pain in these areas too.

Naturally our nose is associated with our sense of smell and sniffing out of problem or something that is not good; and it is also linked with sticking our nose into the problems of others. Refusal to use and overuse of this sense results in blockage and pain. You will find that people who interfere with the lives of others can suffer with bad sinus pain. Like the eyes, with under use of this sense the nose can become blocked. Smell alerts us also to many dangers, fire is one example and gas and fuel; so don’t ignore what your nose is telling you and use it wisely!

Pain in the ears happens when we refused to listen, both to our self and to the good advice of others. It is strongly associated to the denial of the self and is one of the first places to become affected during bouts of depression. Tinnitus is the biggest coincidence (or side effect) of depression because drugs that are given to numb the senses during this time can actually be the contributor of Tinnitus. So begin now to listen to yourself, your fears, your hopes, your everything!

The throat naturally controls speech and a sore throat is linked with either having too much to say or not speaking when you should speak to voice your emotions. The throat is main communication tool that your body uses and should be treated and respected with great care. Those who are timid or fear speaking about themselves or their feelings suffer with frequent sore throats. Those who meddle in the affairs of others and who title tattle also suffer frequently from sore throats.

Next we come to the chest where we find the heart, lungs and digestive system.

The heart is the control centre (linked with the brain) to our emotions. It controls how we feel, how we love and how we react. The heart becomes troubled when we refuse to show our emotions and keep them tucked inside, this in turn causes stress. Our heart also becomes troubled when we fall out of love and also when we loose someone dear to us, indeed it feels as though our heart has broken into many pieces during this time. The ways in which we can keep a healthy heart is by communication and keeping our heart open to allow love to flow in. Our heart also shows us instinct and we should listen to our heart when making conscious decisions. For example if our heart drops when we are making a decision then this is not right for us, when it beats faster and we feel excitement then often this is a good indication that this is something we should try at least.

The lungs are our filtration system and also the system that carries all the good things like oxygen and nutrients around our body. When we refuse to move forward in our lives we begin to deprive our bodies of the crucial nutrients our bodies so need and through taking drugs we begin to suppress our own true feelings, smoking cigarettes is just one example. When we have no respect for our body we also expose ourselves to other toxic fumes without a thought. Those who love and cherish their body also cherish and love their mind and thoughts and they prevent themselves from being subjected to anything that can cause their body any harm. We should all learn to treat our bodies with respect and by doing so we begin to respect our own self.

Next we have our digestive system which is also closely linked with our emotions. By abusing our digestive system we are showing a dislike to who we are and under and over eating and digestive problems are linked to low self esteem and depression also. When we respect our digestive system and begin to eat the right amounts of food and wholesome food our whole body benefits and in turn this leads to a better state of mental health also.

Finally we come to the limbs, the arms and the legs.

When we suffer from pain in our arms this could be because we fail to reach out to others, either in a way we can help or accept help. Pain in the arms can also indicate that we fear we will not reach our chosen goals or ambitions. If you are emotionally stifled and do not wish to be hugged you may also suffer from pains in your arms.

Pain in the legs means that you are fearful of moving forward in life, this is mostly related to pain in the knee area. Pain in the back of the legs means you are fearful of looking back into your past. Naturally the cure is to look forwards without fear and to remember we cannot and do not have to go back to our past, so do not fear it.

Pain in the hands is associated with poor communication skills and also indicates the fear of releasing innermost thoughts and expressing them. Indeed pain in the hand may also mean to a pianist for example that they fear playing a note wrong, hence this is also linked with idealism and being too much of a perfectionist; so give yourself a break if this is the case!

Pain in the feet means you are stuck in your ways and have no desire to move on. It means you have grown roots from your feet and do not wish to budge be it to go on holiday, shopping, to a new home.

Back pain associates with all the different parts of the body, for example the centre of the back is associated with the thoracic or chest area, the upper half is associated with the head, neck and arms; and the lower part the stomach and legs. So if you are experiencing pain in any of the 3 regions, then you must associate the cause with the parts we have already covered.

I hope that you have enjoyed today’s wellbeing circle and I shall now open up the room to invite any questions that you may have, thank you.


Written by Spiritgail, Designed & Edited by Sol © Mystic Familiar 2003

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