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Spiritual Wellbeing


Circle 1 (8-1203)

There are 5 different states of dreaming, the first being the hypnagogic state. This occurs at the onset of sleep, it is a transitional interval between consciousness and sleep, the nodding off period. In this realm of neither sleep or awake, many people have visions or hear voices. Hypnagogic dreams are fairly common and usually consist of very clear pictures, often distorted human faces, or various scenes being played out, like a movie. Some people report seeing an eye gazing at them. You might hear your name being called from a distance, or someone talking quietly to you. Some people experience a falling sensation just before sleep, while others have some sort of sensory shock, like hearing a sudden noise, or seeing a flash of light, which can result in an involuntary mild or violent jerk of the body called a mycolinic jerk and can temporarily wake you up.

Hypnagogic state is also the time when premonitions can be received and are mainly said to be reliable. Premonitions can be defined as an experience, such as a dream or a waking thought, which, appears to anticipate a future event, having information that is not made available before the event. The person who receives the premonition may not know precisely what will happen, but has a feeling of foreboding, which later proves to be correct; a pending death of a loved one, a disaster, but sometimes premonitions can be lucky, lottery numbers or a tip for the Grand National. From the time of the premonition to the event happening and can be anywhere between a day and a few weeks, even a month.

The second state of dreaming is lucid dreaming. These dreams are so real in every respect and it cannot be distinguished from being fully awake to asleep. Every detail of that dream can be recalled, smells, colour, sounds, conversations are remembered. Once awake you are left feeling “was I dreaming, or was it real?” You may have meaningful conversations with loved ones who have passed, or find yourself in a friends house engaged in conversation, see yourself walking around your house or standing outside looking at your house from the street, even flying into the sky at great speed and entering into another world. This type of dreaming normally leaves a lasting effect on the dreamer. Lucid dreaming normally takes on a spiritual nature and leaves a feeling of wonder and love. Many people who have naturally occurring lucid dreams become more spiritual.

Next comes the stage of false awakening. Have you ever woken in the middle of the night and looked at the digital clock and been unable to read time? Have you ever woken up and tried to open the door and it won’t open so you have got back into bed? Or heard someone knocking on the door and got up to answer the door and no one is there? In some extreme case you wake up in the morning, wash, eat breakfast and leave for work, shut the door and wake up and find yourself still in bed. False awakening normally surround a fear or anxiety, frightened of not waking up on time or missing the alarm, expecting an important visitor or having to be at work early for the big board meeting. False awakening is a convincing illusion of having woken when infact, you are still dreaming. The situation may feel like it is real, but it is artificial. False awakening is similar to lucid dreaming and can sometimes follow a lucid dream.

Astral travelling or OBE (out of body experiences) is next. Is it possible to separate our consciousness (spirit) from our physical body? Astral projection or out of body experiences are very powerful dreams or realities. Out of body experiences have been widely reported by people who have been declared clinically dead, or have been near to death, floating above and watching the scene below. Astral travelling is flying or travelling rapidly to another location, country, plane, being able to describe the places in great detail. Leaving your body and seeing yourself float to another location of the house, going through walls and floors is a common occurrence. There is evidence to show that some out of body experiences and astral travelling experiences are real. Time, places, actions can be given, how else would they be able to gather this information when they were asleep? On every occasion of astral travelling or OOBE the dreamers are aware of being pulled back into the body and on awakening the experience still lingers.

Finally there are nightmares. Nightmares manifest as a vivid visual dream where the story gets progressively more frightening. You wake up at a crucial point in the dream shaking, sweating, heart racing in a state of terror. Common dreams are of alien monsters chasing after you; you may be running, fighting, desperate to get away, or hiding, hoping not to be found. As you are just about to get caught, you wake up. In these dreams you may be screaming and upon waking you are able to vocalise your terror. Once awake you calm yourself down and sometimes when you go back to sleep, you may continue the dream. Many of us have recurring nightmares where the characters are different, but the story line is the same every time. Most nightmares manifest themselves as a result of trauma, a life changing event, stress or fear, and every nightmare is unique to the person dreaming. A nightmare about rats would not be a nightmare to someone who loves rats. The best way to avoid nightmares is to thoroughly relax and unwind before going to bed at night.

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