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Shamanism Shamanic Pathways, The Tree of Life

Shamanic Pathways


The Tree of Life

Welcome to Shamanic Pathways, Tonight I would like to talk about The Tree of Life.

It is difficult to talk about the tree of life without first mentioning the KABBLAH, which is a Jewish mystical doctrine. In Hebrew the word Kabblah means tradition.
The major belief of the Kabblah is in the ten forces of creation, which are KETER, BINAH, HOKHMAH, DIN, HESED, TIFERET, HOD, NEZAH, and YESOD These are known as the Sefirot. I will give each a quick explanation.

KETER- is the uppermost aspect of the tree of life that can be contemplated by humans
BINAH is the uppermost feminine element
HOKMAH is the power of wisdom
DIN is judgment, might, power.
HESED is love loving, kindness and compassion
TIFERT is glory, beauty
HOD is majesty
NEZAH is eternity endurance, victory
YESOD is foundation

The shamanic view is different in so much as the shaman sees only THREE levels to the tree of life. Because the roots of trees go deep underground the shaman uses the trees as doorways to the underworld or spirit realms. I will tell you how I came to see the tree of life as it may make it easier to understand. One evening I was in deep meditation in my sacred place recharging my spiritual batteries as it were. When my guide appeared and asked me to follow him as there was something I needed to see, so without any argument I did as I was asked. We walked along a path that I had not seen before, and we soon came to the bottom of a high rock face, which we followed for a little time until we came to what I assumed was a cave. My guide bid me enter which I did and he said "Follow the chanting". Well at first I couldn't hear the chanting but I listened carefully and soon I could hear it. So I followed it, hopefully to its source, which was a short distance into what I now knew to be a tunnel. I could see sunlight up ahead and as I came to it the chanting stopped. I wondered if I had caused the chanting to stop, but it started again and as soon as my eyes adjusted to the light, after being in the tunnel, I turned around to go back the way I had come only to find my way barred by the biggest man had ever seen. On his face was a grin that was as big as he was , he looked at me, held out a huge hand and said come with me.

I took the mans hand and let him lead me along a short path that opened up on to a plateau. How big the plateau was I couldn't say for there in front of me was a huge tree its branches went up and up through the sky and seemed to go on forever, and I figured it would take a day to walk around the trunk. The man looked at me and said this is The Tree of Life, he then led me down and around some rocks where I could see the roots of this tree and they like the branches went down forever. This time the man looked at me and said" Behold this is The Tree of Life in its entirety, and know too that you are a tree of life, as are all mankind .See the three levels and know you too have three levels .The branches reaching skywards the trunk reaching upwards and downwards reaching the branches and the roots, The roots reaching downwards into the earth. The branches are your tomorrows, the trunk is your today, and the roots are your yesterdays. As I gazed in awe at the tree I began to understand what he said. The branches are my hopes and aspirations .The trunk is my now, my balance, my today. The roots are my foundations on which I have built my life thus far. The upper world ,The middle world ,The lower world The physical ,The mental , The emotional. The man then led me back to the tunnel bade me farewell and I rejoined my guide and returned to my sacred place knowing the Tree of Life is within us all.

Ok any questions?
That is so deep to comprehend that I’m still thinking
I have not got a question. I just wanted to say something
what did you want to say?
The tree....I always thought of myself as a tree, even when I was little how does one control their tree? Can it be controlled?
You are the tree, so how do you control yourself?
Good question, I have to think about that to be honest. It really depends on what is happening in my life at any given time.
Ok, then know this, your roots are secure and your branches are reaching ever upwards and your trunk is where you are today.
So, I can't change my past, must be connected to my present and work on my future
Have I got it right?
If that’s how you see it, then that’s your answer.
So the answer can be different for everyone.
Yes, the answer is different for everyone
Thank you.

Thank you for listening and thank you for your time

Shamanic Pathways - Shamanism - The Tree of Life

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Shamanic Pathways - Shamanism - The Tree of Life

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