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Shamanic Pathways


The Elemental Prayer

Welcome to shamanic pathways, tonight I will talk about the The Elemental Prayer

Tonight I would like to teach you a Shamanic Prayer that will help you balance with the elements and the earth.
This is called the Medicine Wheel and Elements prayer. Most cultures, since the birth of mankind, have their roots in the natural cycles of the year, harvest, planting seasons, observations of the weather and of the moon and stars.

They marked the rights of passage, birth, puberty, marriage, and death with symbolic rituals. They also honored the deeper inner life, the inner spirit. They lived in harmony (balance) with nature and lived close to the Great Spirit of the earth. Also the Great Spirits of the sky and the cardinal directions of the compass. There are the 4 directions as in N E S W and also up and down giving 6 directions in all this is known as the medicine wheel. Each direction of the compass was associated with an animal i.e. S - snake, W - -jaguar, the dragon or hummingbird - N, the eagle - E.

To achieve a sense of well being, a feeling of peace with the world, the shaman will periodically use a prayer ritual to attain attunement and to harmonize with the elemental energies. This is known as walking in balance with the earth.

The elemental prayer invokes the four elemental spirits of Earth, Air, Fire and Water and also the powers of the 6 directions. This ritualised prayer will allow you to integrate the symbolism of the six directions giving you balance with the earth.

As each section of the prayer is spoken, turn to each direction, going in a clockwise fashion, starting with the East, the words I use here are the words I use, but you may want to substitute your own which is fine.

The Prayer
Great Spirit of the East, warmth of the rising sun, Spirit of the new day. Great grandfather fire, nuclear fire of the sun.
From you comes our life energy, vital spark, power to see far, to envision with boldness.
You who purifies the senses, our hearts and our minds.
We humbly ask that we may be aligned with you, that your energy may flow through us, and be expressed by us for the good of this earth and all living things upon it

(Turn to the south)
Great Spirit of the South, protector of the fruitful lands and of all things growing, the noble trees and grasses.
Great grand mother earth, Spirit of nature, great power of receptive, of nurturance and endurance, bringing forth the flowers of the fields, fruits of the orchards and of the garden.
We humbly ask that we may be aligned with you, that your power may flow through us for the good of this earth and all living things upon it

(Turn to the West)
Great spirit of the West, Spirit of the great waters of river, lakes, springs and rains.
Great grand mother ocean, deepest matriarch, womb of all life.
With you comes the dissolving of boundaries and of limitations, the power to taste, feel, cleanse and heal.
Great blissful darkness of peace.
We humbly ask that we may be aligned with you, that your power may flow through us, for the good of this earth and all living things upon it

(Turn to the North)
Great spirit of the North, invisible spirits of the air, the spirits of the cool winds. Vast and boundless Great grandfather sky, your breath animates us and all life.
From you comes clarity, strength and the power to hear inner sounds, to seek out old patterns and bring challenges and change.
The purity and ecstasy of movement and dance.
We humbly ask that we may be aligned with you, that your powers may flow through us for the good of this earth and all living things upon it
ok any questions?
That is amazingly beautiful, thanks for sharing.
I have no questions,
Then I thank you for listening and I thank you for your time

Shamanic Pathways - Shamanism - The Elemental Prayer

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Shamanic Pathways - Shamanism - The Elemental Prayer


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