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Shamanic Pathways


The Shaman Warrior - Soul Retrieval

Welcome to the Shamanic Pathways, I would like to continue with the Shaman as a Warrior and Soul Retrieval this week and if there is time I will tell you about the drum. A core belief in shamanism is 'All that is, Is Alive'. All things have a life energy which the shaman uses to communicate with and also influence the things around him/her.

The shaman amongst other things is also a warrior and becomes the warrior in order to retrieve a soul or part of a soul that has be taken, also known as soul retrieval.

The shaman will mediate with spirits during soul retrieval to try to get back what was taken, first he will try everything on the diplomatic level ie. plead, beg, harass, cajole, or whatever other means to get the soul back.

At one time this mediation was considered dangerous and was only attempted by the strongest of shaman and some pathways still think it is today, but most, fortunately, see it as part of the healing a shaman does and are happy to mediate on behalf of their community.

In order to call upon the warrior for his/her help the shaman has to enter the spirit realms, he/she does this by entering in to an altered state of consciousness.

The shaman will first meet his/her guide and ask if he/she could see the warrior, their guide will take the shaman to a place of warriors which may be a cave, a building or a clearing in a woods.

At the entrance the guide will tell the shaman to enter, once through the entrance the shaman should find a bell or gong to announce his/her arrival, the shaman should strike the bell or gong three times, after the third strike a warrior appears and comes towards the shaman the shaman greets the warrior as one warrior greets another. The shaman will then say 'Great warrior I have need of your wisdom and I have need of your counsel '.

If you should ever make this journey dont be surprised if the warrior looks familiar as he/she should do, he/she is you from an earlier time, from a past life.

The warrior and the shaman will talk, but what is said will be between the warrior and the shaman. The warrior when finished will bid the shaman farewell and return from whence he came and the shaman should leave as well, as the shaman passes through the way he/she came in, their guide will be waiting with a gift from the warrior, this is likely to be a shield, an indigo shield, so the shaman can be invisible in the dark. The shaman will then go and retrieve that which has been taken and return it to its proper place. His/Her quest now complete, the shaman will return to this world and all should be well.

A selection of some of the questions posed during the circle.

How important is the bell or gong and does the ring represent certain things? The means of announcing your there is important in as much as if you dont ring it or strike it how will they know you are there. Yes it’s better then yelling I guess.

You can carry this shield around or can you make one that looks like the shield and combine it together and is it visible physically and spiritually? The indigo shield is a form of protection similar to a white shield. We normally use the white light to protect us in this world well you can also use the indigo one as well, think of it as a light orb of indigo.

Ok, is the shield similar to a cloak? Yes. So you can carry it around by visualization then? Yes, white light shows up in the dark but even though white and indigo have the same vibrational frequencies the indigo doesn't show in the dark so your effectively invisible.

Is this what happens in spirit world? Yes.

Do you take your animal spirits with you into cave? No this is one time that your animal isn't with you as to why I dont know it is just the way of things. I guess the quest is a journey for you personally and not one that you need your animal to journey with you on. Maybe this could also be tradition as traditionally you left your horse and or hound outside the lodge.

Is it recommended you use a bell to help you go into the state of unconsciousness? Not unconsciousness, but an altered state of consciousness. This can be achieved in various ways but most use the drum. Do you think a singing bowl be ok to use? Yes.

I would have liked to explain the importance of the drum as well but time has again beaten me so I will say thank you for listening and thank you for your time.
Next time we will discuss the drum. How to make one and why it is used.

Shamanic Pathways - Shamanism - The Shaman Warrior - Soul Retrieval

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