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Shamanism Shamanic Pathways, Shaman The Shaman and the Drum

Shamanic Pathways


The Shaman and the Drum

Welcome to shamanic pathways, tonight I will talk about the Shaman and the Drum.

A shaman's drum is an important tool and should be made within certain parameters to obtain the maximum effectiveness. The rim should be made of wood, Cedar is preferred but any local wood with a high resonance quality is fine. The coverings should be of deer or elk hide but the synthetic skins that are available will do as well. The rim should be no less than 17 inches and no more than 18 inches across, and the rim should be no more than 4 inches and no less than 3 inches in height. When made within these measurements, when struck, the drum gives a sound like no other drum, even better than the one handed drum favoured by most shaman today.

When struck on one side the drum will produce the beat and also a primary tone, as it is impossible to tension both side exactly the same, one side when struck, will produce a higher tone than the other side. The tone on the tightest side will have a 'ring' to it and the tone on the other side will have a ‘drone' to it, This sound quality is that which is required, also the reason why the two skins are close together is so when one side is struck the other side is hit by the sound waves and causes it to resonate. This gives each strike three unique sounds. We hear the 'beat', the 'drone' and the resonance of the other skins vibration.

Knowing that the human mind fixates on the repetitive and monotonous, the shaman strikes the drum in a pattern repeated again and again. As the mind fixates on the drumming the internal chatter begins to quieten, eventually, silence is complete, also any emotional noise ceases as well. The high pitched over tone stimulates the brain into an 'alpha' wave state. This state is described as a daydream like consciousness. The physical state is one of relaxation.

A daydreams content is driven by our emotions, but as the mind is fixated on the drumming there is no emotions to drive the daydream, so the shaman has an alpha state without content.

The undertone stimulates the brain in to a 'theta state' which is one of deep dreaming, however the drone opens up our spiritual heart allowing our spirit to move freely.

Shamanic drumming produces all three states together (alpha, theta, silence). This allows our spirits to freely express themselves. The spirits will use images, symbols, song, poetry, sensations and knowledge to express their desires.

For us to see, hear and sense these things the spirit will use the now empty alpha daydream state and as the mind is fixated we cant help but notice what the spirit is saying and doing, so once more we are able to communicate with our spirit in the sacred language of spirit.

It is also said that the shamans drum's undertone is the same frequency as the earth's spirit and allows us to talk to the spirit.

Are there any questions? This is Very interesting! If spirit communicate in language we understand etc how do we work out what is spirit and what is ourselves? They speak very close to home sometimes so to speak. Many people wonder the same thing and the answer to this I feel is that the drum has silenced all internal chatter so that our spirit can talk to us. For me I don’t have a drum but spirit still chatter away to me I think. Yes you’re right some people dont need the drum, they just know what is spirit and what is not.

So the Knack is not taking it too personal when that happens then, or is that wrong assumption? Well I would hope if the spirits are talking to us that somewhere it is a personal thing, even though the message may not be for us. But if that is so, how would we work out our own problems, which would make it very confusing wouldn’t it? I think you know if it’s for you or meant for someone else! Possibly, though I feel we will know what is ours and what is to be shared with another. How we would know is up to the individual, but I could well be wrong as it is a personal choice we make.

Thank you for listening and thank you for your time.

Shamanic Pathways - Shamanism - The Shaman and the Drum

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