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Shamanic Pathways


Seeing through the Eyes of our Animal Guides.

Welcome to shamanic pathways. Tonight is looking through the eyes of our animal guides, a guided meditation.

Have you noticed how our animals are fascinated by something’s? We say ' Well they are simple minded and easily amused '. Just how wrong can we be? So to help us to see what our animals see I will take you on a guided meditation.

Ok now make yourselves comfortable, let your body relax, feel the chair you are sitting on support you as you relax deeper, feel your legs relax as you relax deeper,
feel your feet relax, as you relax deeper. Relax and slow your breathing and breathe deeper, feel your chest expand as you breathe in and relax, feel your chest contract as you breathe out. Now close your eyes, you are deeply relaxed.

I have brought you to the banks of a sacred river, we are here because we will travel by water. Follow me into the river, feel the warmth of the water, let the water embrace you as you lay back in the water and float, for those who dont wish to float in the water there are some rafts for you to use. Feel the water embrace you as you lay back and float. These are the waters of the earth spirit. Feel the love of the earth embrace you.

As we float gently down stream look over to the bank and see the wolf as he keeps pace with us. Notice how each step is full of purpose as he jumps over rocks and goes underneath fallen tree trunks.

Now look out of his eyes and see what he sees. Notice the textures of the rocks and the patterns in the tree trunks. See as you leap over rocks and go under the fallen tree trunks. See as he sees, now enter his body and feel all that he feels as he moves, feel how gracefully you can move. Move as the wolf moves. Be one with the wolf. Feel what he feels and become the wolf, you are wolf, wolf is you.

Now leave the wolf’s body and return to your own. Feel the warmth of the water as you rejoin your body, feel the earth's love for you as you come back to your own body.

Now as we lay back and continue down stream look up into the branches and see the falcon. The falcons eyes look directly into your eyes, you feel the falcon taking you, let yourself be taken by the falcon. Now see out of the falcons eyes, see what he sees, see how much more you can see, look at all the details in everything that you see, you can see now with clarity , you can see as the falcon sees with clarity of sight.

Now spread your wings, now flap your wings, you are fearless, you are flying. Feel the air in your feathers as you fly higher, look and see just how much more you can see as high as you are. You can still see each blade of grass below and look how much further you can see.

Now pick a branch to land back on and swoop down to land on it, as you near the branch flap your wings to slow you and land on the branch. Look back to the river, now slowly release yourself from the falcon and return once more to your own body. Feel the warmth of the water against your skin, feel the love of the earth for you as you rejoin your body. Feel your own body once more and notice how it feels and enjoy the sensations of your body.

The wolf and the falcon have left you each a gift, the wolf has given you the grace of movement, and the falcon has given you clarity of sight. These are yours to keep The earth spirit thanks you for your love as it loves you.

Now lets got to the bank and leave the water. Its time to return to the room you are in, return to your body. Feel your body, feel your legs, feel your feet, now open your eyes, we are back in the rooms we started in.
Thank you

Do you have any questions?
I saw myself with the falcons eyes in the water with a smile on my face and I thought I looked silly. This meditation will work for your animal guides as well, just substitute your own guides name for that of the wolf and falcon.

May I just say that I thought it would be really difficult, and was glad that it wasn’t. Thank you!

Do you have any idea why I wanted to run away as the wolf and fly away as the falcon? It could be the sense of freedom that each gave to you. A form of escape? Yes. The next time an animal seems fascinated by something, hopefully you will see what it sees.

Thank you for your time and thank you for listening.

Shamanic Pathways - Shamanism - Seeing through the Eyes of our Animal Guides.

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Shamanic Pathways - Shamanism - Seeing through the Eyes of our Animal Guides


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