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Shamanic Pathways


How to make your own Medicine Wheel

Welcome to Shamanic Pathways. Tonight I would like to tell you How to make your own Medicine Wheel

Last time we were here I mentioned the medicine wheel, and now I will tell you how to make one.

You can make one as large as you like for your own backyard or a small one for your own personal use

To make a personnel medicine wheel, take a twig of willow, it does not have to be willow any twig that is pliable will be fine. Bend the twig into a circle and bind it closed, then tie a piece of string, ribbon or twine from north to south across it, then tie another piece from east to west across it, so the circle of willow is divided into four equal parts. Now in the middle, where the two strings cross place something to represent yourself this can be a picture, a piece of cloth, anything you want in fact as long as you know what it represents is you.

Now starting at the east point wrap the twig in twine, ribbon or string and wrap in a clockwise direction towards the south point, then using a different colour of wrapping wrap the twig from the south to the west point and again in another colour wrap the twig from the west to the north point, and once more in another colour wrap the twig from the north to the east point. The choice of colours is up to you, but as a guide I will tell you the colours I used for my own wheel. From east to south I used yellow for the morning sun .From south to west I used light blue for the sky from west to north I used black for the night and from north to east I used red to represent the passion of spirit

Now place a guardian animal spirit in each quarter of the wheel, I offer no guidance as to which animal you place as it is your choice, use an object to represent each animal you choose. Next place a herb of your choosing in each quarte , again I offer no guidance as to which herbs to use, and then place a crystal in each quarter, and once more I offer no help as the choice is yours.

The reason for offering no guidance is because if I did you would be making me a wheel and not one of your own.
Finally add a length of string through the center of the circle so it hangs in equal length either side of the object that represents you, this is the final two directions one is up and one is down

Now that you have constructed your own medicine wheel remember that everything inside the circle is your reality , your own world if you will .All that is outside the wheel is the universe which you have access to via your centre cord. One last thing to do then your medicine wheel is complete. A ritual prayer asking the Great Spirit to bless the wheel. Here is a simple one that you may use if you wish or not as you want.

When you come to use your wheel you must first line up the four cardinal directions with a compass. Using the compass find north and place the north point of the wheel in line with that point.

The Prayer
Great Spirit I ask for your blessing, and for your protection, for this my medicine wheel.
I ask that none shall enter uninvited, none shall, of those invited to enter, harm another.
Grant me the wisdom to use this wheel for the good of all and for the good of this earth.

Any questions?
How big does this thing have to be?
About 12 inches across or as large as you want it.
I thought it was maybe going to be size of a bicycle wheel
If you want to make it that big then do so
No that would take up far too much space
Is it meant to be placed in a special spot in the home?
No you may place it anywhere you wish.
12 inches sounds about right for size.
Can you have more than one if you wish?
Why would you want more than one?
Not sure.
You can use it for many purposes most often it is used to invite spirit to talk with you
I could do with that then.
So I should hold it during meditation?
The center cord is your link to the upper world and the underworld it is almost a tree of life in fact.
You may hold it if you wish or lay it on the ground, remember it is a focal point for you to use
Thanks, it’s a useful tool.
I like to think so
How does it help spirit talk to you?
You are inviting spirit into your reality interested of crossing into theirs so you have more control so to speak as spirit will always respect the invite.
Thank you
Right Im not sure I can see a difference there wolf
I will put it this way, the wheel is your reality no one else can take that from you and to invite spirit into your reality allows you more control
Right I see better now
As shaman sometimes you come across a very, shall we say, unhappy spirit so if you invite the spirit into your reality you can hold it there until you have helped it.
Right thank you wolf now that is a very useful concept for me
Remember as shaman you don’t just heal the living you are there to heal all

All that remains is for me to say thank you for listening and thank you for your time

Shamanic Pathways - Shamanism - How to make your own Medicine Wheel

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Shamanic Pathways - Shamanism - How to make your own Medicine Wheel

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