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Shamanism Shamanic Pathways, Can we be Taught to be a Shaman

Shamanic Pathways


Can we be Taught to be a Shaman

Welcome to Shamanic Pathways, tonight the topic is 'Can we be Taught to be a Shaman'

What is shamanism? I use the word shaman so you can understand what I mean but shaman the world over have different names for different reasons. Most definitions of shaman describe what a shaman does, not what a shaman believes or who a shaman is. A shaman’s primary function is that of healer, and though a shaman may be a healer this does not mean all healers are shaman. A shaman uses what ever tools and title he or she deems necessary to facilitate healing. The limited view of the shaman is understandable, since when a shaman is talking to a non-shaman or beginning students, he or she will try to avoid discussing the unreality of reality.

Some of the things written about shaman are complete garbage such as 'The basis of shamanism is the control of physical nature'. 'The shaman uses symbolic magic and idolism (where power rests in the power of the shaman rather than the object). Statements like these are based on the confusion between what a shaman believes and what a shaman decides will be effective in a given situation in one particular moment. All this to a shaman is nothing more than a game because belief is not the important thing; it is the result or outcome that is important.

So can we be taught to be a shaman? In my opinion and I stress this is only my opinion and is not written in stone. We can not be taught to be a shaman. We can learn the shamanic ways, how to use shamanic tools, how to complete shamanic rituals as these are exercises in intellect. In my view to be a shaman is a 'knowing' that involves our body, our minds and our hearts a belief based on our experiences and not on logic or intellect. If you apply intellect to what a shaman does you will find many inconsistencies, which adds to our confusion of a shaman. Many things are factual things so others can grasp the concept of shamanism, and many things are factual only to a shaman, there is no way of proving the things we do except by the outcome of what we do.

My belief as a shaman is whatever I perceive to be possible, is. ('What is "a core belief of all shaman" ).This is my world view and this belief also defines my universe and everything in it. Any limitation to my universe is placed there by me and not by outside interference or influence. Being a shaman is not about proving a belief or that a belief proves there is a reality outside of our own. In essence my belief as a shaman creates my reality but does not prove it. It is up to you to decide what you perceive to be the true reality based on what you 'feel' comfortable with.
So can you be taught to be a shaman? No. How can you be taught something you already know.

Any questions?
No questions for me, I am awe-struck
Thank you, but do you understand it all?
I understand it very well, thank you.
Makes sense, very thought provoking.
I have a question
your question?
I'm curious as to when you talk about ‘knowing’. Why one of my teachers said it was not shamanism
Well we each have our own view, though mine differs from your previous teacher, it does not mean either of us are wrong.
No I understand that. And I agree with what you wrote, but my knowing and hers differed. Her knowing wasn’t internal.
That is how I perceive reality like I said it’s up to you to decide what is your own reality
But she still told me mine was wrong.
Why she should have said that I don’t know but she did for her own reasons or rather her own reality.
I suppose, yes
The choice is yours remember its up to you to accept her reality or accept your own
Nobody can tell me mine ... I know mine.

Thank you for listening and thank you for your time

Shamanic Pathways - Shamanism - 'Can we be Taught to be a Shaman'

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Shamanic Pathways - Shamanism - 'Can we be Taught to be a Shaman'

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