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Shamanism Shamanic Pathways, Balance

Shamanic Pathways



Welcome to Shamanic Pathways this week I would like to talk of Balance.

To the shaman balance is important, not just for him/herself, but balance of all things, if something is wrong the shaman will look within him/herself to see what is out of balance and try to correct it.

How do we know if we are not balanced?

Here is a quick test to help find out

Simply answer each question true or false.

1) If something goes wrong, I first blame others

2) No matter what I do, I cant change anything

3) Your thoughts start with 'I can't', 'I never could', 'I'm no good at'.

4) When irate I rarely start a sentence with 'I'.

5) I'm always to busy doing what needs to be done, I never have time to do the things I want to do.

If you have answered true to more than one of these questions then perhaps it is time to rebalance yourself, rekindle the inner flame/light and refocus on that light. Here is a way to help you reset your balance, you dont need to be a shaman to do this, it is for all, to help you balance.

Due to recent world events, and the earth (Gaia) is in transformation, we find our energies in a state of flux, one day we feel fine the next day we feel lousy. We can choose to stay like this, up one minute, down the next, or we can do something about it. To do some thing about it is to act with purpose, so we can rebalance and empower ourselves.

To regain balance we focus our minds on our inner light, so we once more become that light. Not to do something is to stay in the dark with our fears and confusion. Our purpose is to rid ourselves of negative emotional energies that we have acquired due to our previous actions and words. So to be the messenger of the light once more, we should choose to let go of our insecurities, for they will only keep us in the dark. When we choose to let go of our ' security of our insecurities ' we regain our integrity and our lives begin to balance once more. Having balance is a choice we make.

Our past is our foundation upon which we base our conscious minds and thoughts. So it is important to see the light in all situations we find hard or unpleasant. Before we react to an unpleasant or hard situation we should stop and say out loud 'I acknowledge the light in this situation'. This simple act will soon produce positive energy changes to our attitude towards the situation.

To do this is, Now, if we leave our balance for tomorrow, our thoughts will become scattered and unhealthy emotional energies will set in. Now is the time to do this, we should choose this moment, focus on this moment, then this moment will give birth to the next moment. We should always try to remember 'Where our attention is today, determines where our attention will be tomorrow'.

I understand what you were saying about balance and sometimes we can't help but react to situations instantaneously? Yes that is why I said we should try to remember. It is always better if possible to take a step back from a bad situation and just stop and say I acknowledge the light that’s here. Do you do that all the time? I am human so obviously not, but I do try to. That is my point that we do not always look for the light in a situation we just react to it. I do try most of the time. Often we see the situation and how it is going to become before it gets nasty, that is the time to step back. It is like trusting the universe guys, trust that you can handle tomorrow and handle the now.

I would like to ask you a question about power animals. When you call to them do you see them in your mind by visualization or would they come in dreams with the answers to your question? Yes you can see them that way, or just sense them, your power animal can and does manifest itself in the best form for you to understand. Alright so even just feeling it, it is manifesting in a way you would feel comfortable? Yes always with your interest at heart and your animal will only appear when it knows you can accept its appearance, also our dreams are used by spirit to answer all our questions, even those we have yet to ask.

Thank you for listening and thank you for your time.

Shamanic Pathways - Shamanism - Balance

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Shamanic Pathways - Shamanism - Balance

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