Philosophy & Spiritual Growth Counselling

Philosophy & Spiritual Growth Counselling

Session 3

Many apologies for my absence, especially to those of you who turned up for the last session I had to cancel. I've been taught the lesson (again) that when you lack rest, the body pays the price. Sometimes the price is exacted that you must take to your bed for a complete rest. I cannot preach personal responsibility and then tell you that there are exceptions to the rule. The body is only a machine and it must not be over taxed beyond it's capacity - so take it from me, don't try to do too much.

I was asked recently how a spiritualist medium as well as a healer could have become ill.

Spiritualists, mediums or psychics cannot be exempt from natural law, which encompasses all without exception and without deviation. If there is ill health there are two reasons:

One is that there is not the harmony between spirit, mind and body which produces the wholeness that is health.

The other possibility is a karmic condition, which means that the soul has yet to achieve progress on earth that cannot be achieved elsewhere because of what has happened in a previous existence.

In an ideal world mediums or psychics would be ideal people, but you are not living in an ideal world. And in my case, I didn't pay attention to what my body was telling me, i.e. disharmony between mind and body.

Silver Birch Text

THE soul is the divine garment that every human wears. The soul is the light which the Great Spirit has given to every one of his children. The soul is the divine breath which enables the individual to function in the universe. The soul is the vital spark, the dynamic wellspring of his exist- ence, that which relates him to the Great Spirit, that which makes him part of the infinity which broods over every manifestation of life. The soul is the imperishable garment that he will wear for all time. He is the soul, for the soul is the individual, the one part that reflects, thinks, decides, judges, weighs, loves, and that has every aspect of consciousness.

Suffering Text

THERE is no suffering so strong that you do not possess the inner strength and can call upon an outer power to enable you to overcome it. The burden is never heavier than can be borne. If you strive to live in harmony with the natural laws you will find an inner peace, tranquillity and resolve that will ensure that you always come through.

Let me explain to you how the things of the spirit work. People in your world talk about the mystery of suffering, the purpose of illness, the rea-son for crises, difficulty and obstacles. These are the challenges that the human soul must encounter because they provide first the catharsis and then the catalyst that will enable them to appreciate spiritual truth. As low as any soul can sink so correspondingly can it rise. That is the law of polarity, the law which says that action and reaction are equal and oppo-site. Hate and love, light and dark, storm and peace, these are opposite sides of the same coin.


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