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Mediumship for Beginners

Important Information for Beginners in Mediumship

There are many things to learn when we first find we want to learn to develop our spiritual gifts but first we must learn the basics.

We must try to calm ourselves down. The first thing is to let go of all earthly thoughts. Try to empty your mind of all every day thoughts by using meditation and music if possible for ten minutes a day, but it must be at a regular time period as spirit will try to help you achieve this and they will be there if you are.

Remember, spirit asses us all, they know what each of us is capable of. Practice this on a regular basis until you can become calm. This way, spirit can begin to work with you. When you have achieved this you can then go to stage two -

The opening of the Chakras, or the seven psychic centres, as they are also known, these help you to open up to spirit. You can imagine them opening in your minds eye, you can see this as a flower opening. I will now explain them to you and what colours they are.

Number 1: Root Chakra – Red in colour, located at the base of the spine.

Number 2: Sacral Chakra – Orange in colour, located in the navel area.

Number 3: Solar Plexus Chakra - Yellow in colour, located below the breast bone and behind the stomach.

Number 4: Heart Chakra - Green in colour, located in the centre of the chest.

Number 5: Throat Chakra – Light Blue in colour, located in the area of the throat, just above the collarbone.

Number 6: Chakra known as the third eye – Deep blue in colour, located at the centre of
the forehead above the eyes. Some see this as indigo in colour.

Number 7: Crown Chakra – Purple or violet in colour, located at the top of the head or Crown.

Here is a diagram to help you:-

Mediumship for Beginners - Important Information for Beginners in Mediumship Chakra Information - Chakras - Kundalini or Root, Sacral Plexus, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye or Brow, Crown Chakras, Chakra

Please refer back to the next piece of information in future. It is what you need to do before coming to one of our development circles and it will save you time and help you to link with spirit. Remember it is also advisable to do your breathing exercises.

Breathe in slowly and hold for a few seconds then breathe out slowly. This helps you to calm you down and helps with the link to ground yourself and protect yourself.

See yourself as a tree; see your roots going deep into the earth past the soil into the limestone right down into the earth’s core. As you do this, see the earth’s energy flowing up through your body and up to the top of the head or crown. You should then be grounded and protected.

After any circle you must close down properly.

Close by sending the energy left back down into the earth, draw your roots back up, make sure you also close the charkas down firmly, see the flower closing then you are closed down.

Then see yourself covered in light.

Remember all this takes time to learn so just take your time to master this and you will in time connect with spirit.

Good luck on your spiritual journey! Spirit awaits you.

Love and light, Psychicaasha.


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