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Mediumship Circle Spiritual Guides, Spirit Guides, Angels and Gatekeepers, Mediumship and Psychic Development Circles and Classes, mediums, psychics, learn Mediumship

Mediumship Circle

Learn Mediumship for free with Mediums and Psychic Mediums at Mystic Familiar

Spiritual Guides, Spirit Guides, Angels and Gatekeepers

Free Mediumship Development Circle 2 (24-2-04)

I welcome all new people to this Circle. We all sitting nice and comfortable? Let us start firstly we are going to ground & protect we did that last week - check on last weeks archive, (Archives - scroll to ‘Mediumship’ and open “Introduction 1”) if you have any quiery on this.

I’ve just lit my candle

- - - Grounding Procedure - - -

Sit back
You are now grounded

- - - Protection Procedure - - -

So now we all grounded and protected - I will type opening intent protection

- - - Opening Intent - - -

Topic for this
Spiritual Guides, Spirit Guides, Angels and Gatekeepers / Spirit Controllers
Let& see if we can share, learn and have some fun with this - to me - this is a very serious topic
It is one where loads of people seem to loose the plot a bit and confusion reigns!
Hopefully by the end of this Circle at least we will all be talking the same language xx

Spiritual guides
In any Community there are those who feel called to assist others along Spiritual Paths and who are known as Ministers, Rabbis, Pastors, Curanderas, Shamans, Priests or other titles
We call such people guides; those experienced in some practice, familiar with the terrain,
and who act to facilitate the spiritual practices of others
A Guide need not claim exclusive or definate knowledge of the terrain
Any questions or comments so far - please type ? if yes
This next bit although important - is quite long - I will ask for q @ the end - but please be patient
Are you all sipping water? you should be
: Why?
I always drink loads of water whilst working with Spirit, it cleanses and feeds us while we working but never booze and no smokes - human pollutants

Now onto Spirit Guides
Spirit Guides are Entities in the Spirit Realm that are with us on this Earth Plane
They communicate with us through ‘intuition’ and ‘gut feelings’ that we get
Spirit Guides are NOT here to walk our path for us but they will, (and do), walk WITH us
We have but to ask and words will be put into our heads
Spirit Guides have already walked the Earth Plane - so they truly UNDERSTAND
We have Guides that can come, and go, at different stages of our life path - some we will be more aware of than others

I have 2 Spirit Guides always with me -
1 is a fun loving lighthearted Native American Spirit Guide - the other is a serious-minded Korean Monk Spirit Guide who sits quietly by to ensure that myself and the other one 'maintain standards'

How do I know that my Spirit Guides are with me? - I know that my spirit guides are with me because I have experienced my guides.
What do spirit guides look like - I can't describe spirit guides to you as I have never seen these guides in that manner.
It is unimportant to us knowing what our Spirit Guides look like - It is acknowledging and accepting their 'company' and also appreciating the areas that they can help us with, which is our spiritual growth and development.

So,,,,any questions ? - I will come to you in rota

How you do experience your spirit guide?
You will just become of aware of them at first.
But how?
Step 1 is accepting that we have Spirit Guides - that old gut feeling etc
Further along your path you will find that you can quite easily tune into your Spirit Guides………. but don’t expect it to be like a phone call to your Grannie - at least mine don’t work that way

Spirit Guides with us will have experienced the Earth Plane in a physical form there are, however, Guides from a different Energy or a different Plane than Spirit Guides

I believe that Angels have never had the previous Earth Plane experience that our Guides have - maybe they have evolved elsewhere and are now 'inspirers' for some of us evolving here.
At times maybe Angels and Spirit Guides team up for us.
Because of the higher vibration at which Angels operate I believe that as mere Mortals we have no 'direct' line with Angels - like we can have with our Spirit Guides
I have not, so far, experienced an Angel so - its only my belief
Any questions?
No ? !
I thought the bit about us being unable to have a direct line might encourage discussion as I often hear people talking like they connect with their Angels as easily as with aforesaid Grannie!
Maybe those people are not in tonight

Gatekeepers / Spirit Controllers
Now we look at Gatekeepers, also known as Spirit Controllers.
As Gatekeepers they do what the title suggests - they open and close the gate between this Plane and SpirIt is#8230;………well - ‘regulate’ rather than open/close
The Gatekeepers job is to control the flow rate whilst we are ‘Open’ and ‘Channeling’
Gatekeepers are, however, well known for not always paying attention to their duties particularly when they are ‘new to the job’ - i.e. our first few 'open' sessions.
If it comes to you in broadband but you can only deal with dial up - It is your Gatekeepers that you need to contact - not your ISP!
You contact the Gatekeepers as you do your Spirit Guides - although due to their nature - you might have to work on your communication with the Gatekeepers hard and often - in order for you and the Gatekeepers to agree and thus get it right.

Any questions or comments?

You have shed some light on something for me, I’m aware of two of my spirit guides but there is a third guide that stays in the back ground, communication has been hard and he won't come forward.
Well so long as you accept that your third spirit guide is there - that& all that matters.
He may also be on a ‘learning curve’ - for his next duties?
Like just sitting in the back ground and taking notes
Maybe your third spirit guide is there taking notes - and making you aware of the notes its taking - maybe a lesson for you to learn?

People get very confused about these aspects of Spirit - but before we can move on to another level of our path - its imperative that we personally understand and are aware of the differences

~~I am unaware of any guides :(!
There is no need to be in a rush - when the time is right for you they will 'reveal' themselves - or there again they just might not!
Often people get 'stuck' trying to pin faces or names down.
Do you just 'feel' that they are with you, or hear them? or both?
It is an odd mixture with me personally - It is never a case of I hear a voice and say - that & No1 or No 2 guide

I only feel mine when they behind me and make me cold lol
I don’t know anything about them, just know they there

Me too - no names or faces like the mediumship circle guide says its just awareness

Just accept the awareness of their company - its my simple faith
Too often we can get lost looking for the whole picture - when It is only a snapshot that matters or is relevant to us
lol its a bit hard to be unaware of them
If you open & close, ground and protect properly there is no hard work involved
Spirit isn’t here or doesn’t visit us to make us uncomfortable in any manner
No - you misinterpreted what I meant…..I meant It is a bit hard for me not to know they there when they make me cold quite alot lol
Apart from feeling cold, what else do you experience?
shivers and I also see white orby and stringy things - some times It is hot and other& It is cold
well, tell your Gatekeepers that you don’t want to be reminded that you ‘have company’ by a feeling of coldness
Tell them, if you would prefer - that you want to feel sunlight when ‘Guests’ arrive - like I said earlier - its up to YOU, to arrange with your Gatekeepers, how you interact.
We will learn in a later circle about 'going back' to confirm detail and to agree our preferred method of communication.

I see gold orby things

If, at anytime, any of you receive anything that you are uncomfortable with - your first place to go sort it is with your Gatekeepers

Anyone got any comments?
Can i interrupted for a minute please?
You have a question or comment?
I just got the name Ann dropped in my head and a slight headache
That is not applicable to this circle for now, unless it causes you concern - in which case either ask your Spirit Guide to interpret for you or kick your Gatekeepers’ butts and tell them that you cant accept right now

Before we can race into contact with Spirit - there are a few simple Rules/Guidelines we have to follow that& what I am trying to achieve through this circle

So when we hear names and such like, is that Spirit Guides telling you
It may well be.
And when they shout my name as if to get attention?
That, (shouting), is something I have not encountered I find in most manner of connection that when I work with Spirit it is gentle.
There have been times, however, when I have been 'abrupt' whilst Channeling because that was the way that the Spirit connection was whilst on the Earth Plane and how the person for whom I was channeling would recognize and accept the connection

I do regularly but then when attention is given, I hear nothing else. Maybe trying too hard! I will accept where the connection is coming from, oh its not horrible, just enough to make me sit and listen
ok if you are being made aware of, say, a name, then you sit and wait and nothing happens - tell your Gatekeepers to sort it out, either to stop it completely or to follow through and communicate with you
Right, I’ll try that

I must stress, however, that you should always use Grounding & Protection before attempting any Spirit contact

If you are all finished now - I’ve gone on long enough - I would like to close
Will you please all join in with the Closing Intent as follows

- - - Closing Intent - - -

Now slowly start to unwrap protection
Slowl as you like - no race, in your own time
Pull up your Grounding

Blows out candle & sips some water

Circle is closed

NEXT WEEK in our Free Mediumship Circle

I want to discuss full opening to Spirit and ethics of Mediumship

Mediumship Circle ~ Spiritual Guides, Spirit Guides, Angels and Gatekeepers ~ Mediumship Circle

Learn Mediumship for free with Mediums and Psychic Mediums at Mystic Familiar

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