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Mediumship Circle - Opening a Door to Spirit

Mediumship Circle

Opening a Door to Spirit

Circle 4 (30-3-04)

Hello all and Welcome to tonight’s Circle, We will start, as usual, with Personal Grounding, Protection and Opening Intent:

- Grounding -

- Protection -

- Opening Intent -

Nice to see you all, for the new folks I’ll just explain …………..
The Grounding, Protection and Opening Intent that we all just carried out is a routine that should be used before any attempt at either working with or connecting to Spirit is attempted. Full details of Grounding & Protection and other Circle Records can be found on the Main Menu to the left of the chat lobby under the heading ‘Archive’ then select ‘Mediumship’.

When we have finished our Circle we will use a Closing routine.
If anyone gets booted and can’t get back into Room - may I please remind you to make sure that you Close properly.

I just want us to do a basic hello between everyone in the room and get some energies moving so I am going to ask for basic a/s/l from all everyone here tonight.

I think most of those ages can be divided by the magical '21' Some……… more than twice???
M> Don't rub it in G! lol

Tonight we going to be doing a little Meditation - but like all things in this Circle, the meditation has an ‘aim'.
It’s nothing too deep or too serious - but hopefully it will act as a taster of what is possible to come in later Circles when we attempt full Opening and contact with Spirit
I believe, especially as we are all starting a new path together, that Meditation is the most gentle of ways to open the door to Spirit.

Before we get onto the fun bit though -
As we were getting ready to Open there was talk of illness and bugs going around afflicting our Earth Plane loved ones. We are going to send a little healing out- it doesn’t matter if you’re Healer or not - all we are going to do is just sit here for a minute - No typing
Just think about people
Near us or away from us
Known or not known by us
Just send them some loving energy to help them
So……….. a minute of this rooms powerful energy going to all peoples that need support, love or just a plain olde ‘kindness’,,,,, begin please

G> We all back now?
All M> Yes

G> If anyone has a question please type Y - we answer in rota xx
M> Something feels very powerful tonight?
G> There is a lot of energy in the room > Are you comfortable with it?
M> Yes
G> Enjoy it - being aware - is another step on your path xx

G> I know I go on and on and on about Grounding & Protecting,,,,,but,,,if you are aware that the energy here tonight is so powerful, imagine how strong it may become when we go into a closed room?
So - to ensure that we don’t get over-whelmed by this powerful flowing of energy - we HAVE to make sure that we are fully Grounded and Protected.
Before we can move into closed Circle - Grounding & Protecting has got to be routine with us.

Next week I’ll be inviting others to Grounding & Protecting the room - by then we can be sure that we will be over our shyness ?? I would like to see a scroll of Ys !
All M> Y
See how easy it is? Even typos don’t matter - it’s your personal contribution and intent that counts

M> A nice way to use all this lovely energy is to put it in a nice healing pool so we can all bathe in it
G> A nice idea M but I want to leave the deeper meds until we are in closed Circle and we are all confident with our personal Grounding & Protecting
G> Does anyone want to contribute to the room before we move to our main topic?
All M> No

OK…………Meditation it is then!…..(gives fingers a drink)

Meditation, in one form or another, has been around for over 5000 years
Investigation of Meditation by doctors revealed;
that during sleep the metabolic rate is reduced by 12% over a period of hours
during Meditation the metabolic rate is reduced by 16% in minutes

Meditation produces a state of rest that is deeper than sleep but the mind remains aware and alert - there is no loss of consciousness as there is when we sleep. This is referred to as a restful alertness

There are many other benefits attributed to Meditation - Classes in Meditation are held on this Site - please see Notice Boards for full details.

Within our Circle tonight it’s our combined energies, utilizing restful alertness that we are going to employ.
Turning our attention from external distraction to the inner depths of our minds - here beyond our conscious and sub conscious mind lies a pure energy. Contained at this deeper level we can also discover what we call our intuition and awareness. I believe that within this deeper level is the doorway to our finding and accepting our Spirituality and by pushing open the door we invite our Spirit friends to come forward and communicate with us

with no bed of nails, no Yogic postures, no brown rice diets
and no chanting wearing purple robes under the full moon……………..
Let’s see where we can go

Please come with me as I go on one of my regular walks…..

It’s a warm sunny day
We are going to walk in our favourite field and find a nice grassy slope under the shade of our favourite type of tree - Oak, Ash, Beech; even if we don’t know its type- we have a mental picture that we can use
Sit in the shade of this tree and look across the meadow - to the sun kissed horizon
Smell that breeze
Listen to the water, falling over rocks and into a cool pool, in the valley off to your side

Take a big sniff of that breeze………….
Smell the cool of that water……
Close your eyes for a few seconds and just…………………….. enjoy

You may become aware of a friends approach
You may see them - you may just feel and know they are with you

As you sit enjoying this place where you are now as you become aware of laughing and giggles from the valley below
Young children’s voices
The sound of splashing water and their voices becomes louder now as you walk in their direction
You’re quite near them now - look down, they are Native American children
See them enjoying the water
and the air on their bodies
As you share their glee and laugh with them - they look up and see you
They laugh back at you with welcoming smiles and deep, smiling eyes
You find a comfortable rock near the pool and sit down
Sit and enjoy their play

G> Did anyone join you back there at your tree?
> Y or N
Many M> Y
G> Are you comfortable with your friend sharing this with you?
Many M> Yes

Let us refocus on our view of the pool now

It must be home time - the kids are leaving the pool
Beckoning for you 2 go with them
Enjoy the short walk - go with them
They chatter away to you
You watch their faces and their eyes - you don’t understand them - nor you them
But you know you are at one

As you look up from them you see a tepee in the distance
A few mums are waiting in front of the nearest one
The kids lead you to it
As you draw closer begin to acknowledge the welcoming smiles of the women as they watch your approach
The children have gone
You and the women stand by the entrance to the tepee
They bid you to enter
It feels cool and dark and welcoming as you go in
Let your eyes get adjusted to the new environment
Slowly gaze around the walls of this huge tent
Admire the patterns of the woven carpets
Follow the strokes of the Signs and Symbols that are painted on the Buckskin walls
There may be one that really gets your attention
You can keep this image with you - if you would like to
(but remember - its rude to stare for too long xx)

G> Are you all comfortable in this place ?
All M> Yes

Sit down on the stool being offered to you
Sip the fresh, cool water that’s offered too
Three of the women who were with you at the entrance appear and come and sit in front of you
With them they have a huge 'bag'
Made of a dark rough platted fabric, decorated with painted symbols you can’t fully see

They sit down in front of you and open the neck of this bag
With the open bag in front of them and their eyes closed
First one and then each in turn
they flick their hands- as if shaking water droplets off - at the open bag
Without words they offer you the bag now
From their gestures you know that they were mentally throwing things into this bag
Well - You’ve got a few things you’d like to throw in too!
lack of patience
and all those other nasty human traits that have been ‘nipping our heels’ lately;
a silly argument
a harsh word or an ill timed gesture…………
All those little things that ....we just wish we hadn’t....done/said etc etc
So - use this opportunity to settle these matters and then get rid of them into the open neck of this big olde bag
When you have finished sit back and enjoy some more of that cool water on offer
When you are ready to rejoin us here in Circle please type OK
All M> OK

G> While you were sipping your water did you notice how your friends sealed the bag and it was taken out of the tent?
Quietly removed
Have another sip of that refreshing water and get ready to say our goodbyes
for we have to return to our own village
Feel the joy and warmth of love accompany you as you leave the tent behind and make your way home
Past the rock pool - you can still remember the joy in the kids laughter,
Still bouncing about over the rocks as the water tumbles and runs
You smile when you look up and see your tree - back where you knew it would be
Take a short breather under its shady bows
Look back to where you can still hear the water falling
Just the sound of water now
Gaze around; enjoy a few deep breaths of that clear air

Your friend gently slips away - and you notice that the Sun is starting to set
And now you must leave…. A short stroll
Back down the warm scented evening lit meadow and lane
Bringing you back to your home
Back here to the reality of tapping @ your keyboard - as I now ask you all
To please type OK when you are back to this Circle

All M> OK

G> Do any of you feel ‘lighter’ after that? - I always do
M> I put a trunk in
G> So long as the stuff in the trunk is relevant - it will fit - However, when using this ‘clearing out’ routine, it is better to put all the 'dross' we are carrying around into the bag item by item.
Look at it closely, piece by piece, to make sure you do know what it is your dumping that way you will know exactly what you got rid of

You can use this Meditation at home - its gets rid of ‘baggage’, (earth anchors).
However - it is not to be used as an escape from things 'we can’t be bothered' about
Nor is it intended as means of dumping turmoil that you have created either

Its about honesty and facing up to the consequences of your daily actions
Remember…..if you do the crime - the time is yours too!

G> Any questions or comments before we Close?

M> Yes G - How come I saw the tepee, very clearly, before you stated it ?
G> Maybe the path opened up to you quicker than I could unroll it
It’s your personal Meditation (and path) - I’m just……a Guide
M> Understood thank you

G> All get ready to close now please

- Closing Routine -

Circle is closed

Written by Filgrave, Designed & Editing by Sol © Mystic Familiar 2003-04

© Mystic Familiar 2002 - 2012 Copyright Notice - The contents of the Mystic Familiar website are copyright and may not be duplicate in any form without prior written permission. All Rights Reserved. For Entertainment Purposes Only