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Mediumship Circle - Opening a Door to Spirit

Mediumship Circle

Mediumship an Introduction

Learing about Mediumship

Circle 1 (10-2-04)

Please ensure you are all relaxed - nice and calm.
I have been given the gift of Mediumship, part of being a Medium is to pass on knowledge. We are all at differing levels on our spiritual paths and I certainly don’t have all the answers but working here tonight within the realm of Love, Light and Truth I hope that we can all share and learn by being here.

I don’t want a/s/l but a brief intro to get the energy flowing and so that other circle members get to know us is in order
I will start and keep it short
I am Fil, I am a miserable old git and I live near London
I am a working Medium and Clairvoyant

We are now going to do Protection and Grounding
The first thing we must always do before attempting any spiritual activity
is to ground ourselves - an odd term you might think when we are going to be working with the spirit realm - however the objective of grounding is to ensure that when we have finished working with Spirit we completely return to the 'here and now' of our mother earth.

To start then,,,,,,,,
Follow this procedure and use it, or a similar form of grounding technique, every time before attempting spiritual activity
At home I always light my candle at this time
Take a few sips of water
Deeply breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth about 4 - 6 times
(Yes - you may need to blow your nose!)
Become aware of your comfortable body position and starting from the top of your head going slowly down to your feet - be aware of your body and limbs and feel them relaxing
all the way down to feet.

Visualize a root growing from the soles of your feet into the ground
Through the floor
Into the earth
Extending down to very core of earth
Wrap your root around the core and feel her stability.

Sit back
Relax - you are now grounded
(In the early days of being spiritually open and active it is sometimes re-assuring to know that the root is there - where it goes - and what its for!)

Next we are going to apply protection

Most of the time when we are working with Spirit we are relatively closed to any other contact - there is, however, the potential of attracting negativity/other entities
(We can often see this negativity/other entities in action in almost any web chat room!)
To protect we visualize a protective barrier around us (individually - not as in a group!)
so to avoid 'accepting' negative energies and to also deflect them from our immediate environment
There are many ways to protect - in time you will find that one that suits you the best, however, NEVER shortcut on grounding or protection

G - Any Q?
M - I've been told that its best to sit with hands on thighs, and not to cross your limbs, is that correct?
G - Yes do not cross your legs or feet nor arms across your chest it puts up a barrier - this is the same as with our common day to day body language.

Sit comfortable and visualize yourself in a place where you like and are happy and are comfortable with being alone
From outside your feet up to the top of your head imagine being wrapped in the lightest of pink cotton wool - you should end up looking like a fluffy pink pyramid.

On the top of your head - over the sort of chimney bit of the pyramid - place a chunk of Amethyst crystal
(I always giggle when I imagine what I must look like when so wrapped up .....however it does offer good protection
We are not in a race - its @ our own pace
It's got to be a nice fit - not too tight - not sweaty and hot - not dark
Its how YOU feel it best and how IT best comforts you
Final tip…………………..'place' DONT drop Amethyst crystal in place !

G - Any comments on this Protection - or Any Q's

M - What happens if you drop the Amethyst rather than place it?
G - Its your head/Crown Chakra …………. so……ouch I reckon
M - I just felt warm, cosy & secure
G - So you should its your cocoon - pink is the colour of love in this instance - you are wrapped in unconditional love - it shouldn’t cramp or impinge on your space
M - Nice gentle protection I usually use ‘heavy duty’
G - This protection is gentle as we aren’t going anywhere ‘too special’ tonight but just get used to grounding and protection - at a later date we will be using a real heavy duty protection - but for now just enjoy the light pink
M - Why did we use amethyst?
G - Amethyst is a stone of spirituality and contentment - it balances the energies of the intellectual emotional and physical bodies and provide a clear connection between the earth plane and other worlds
M - this lady is cold... is it because Spirit is really close in the room too.. around her.. drawing them to her?
G - Not in my humble opinion, we are only grounding and protecting at this stage - we have not moved on to open connection
M - Do we have to be ‘open’?
G - Being open makes us more aware and sensitive to spirit, we can also feel without being aware that we are open (we will deal with this in a later circle)
G - I’am hoping that this circle will help people to put some of the mystique, and the baloney, about Spirit into focus. So at this juncture in our coming together I would not be concerned with any overall feeling of coldness, (or heat) - sometimes when I was in SNU Churches working in Circle I’d leave there feeling sooo cold - not because of spirit activity - but due to ‘budget restraints’ applied to heating system!
M - Please I'm sorry I'm a bit confused - I thought being cold could be a sign of spirit being close
G - I never feel Spirit in that way - I am more aware of the energy rather than temperature
M - So it could be different for others?
G - I’am sure it can - but pay attention to what we are going to do now and things may become clearer for you now we going to use the final protection ‘coating’ in which we protect our room and our immediate environment, (in following weeks this is also the point when we will state our opening intent)
Basically any spoken intent or prayer that states that we will work only in Truth and Love and Light and that we will invite only True Spirit to enter into our homes and environment is effective
This week I’am going to be nice to you all - I’am going to lead,,, in the following weeks however - I will be asking one of you to open (and later to close). We will all now join together saying out loud...
Eternal Spirit I ask that your Light of Love and Truth fill me and my home and my environment, repelling negativity and undue influences

Here then is HOMEWORK for this week - stop groaning - nothings for free------
I want you all to write your own personal intent/prayer and to have it ready for next week ---- as I may ask YOU to open for us!
Any Q's
M - By doing all this does it definitely ensure that no negativity enters?
G - Yes it does - you have to believe to protect and believe in your protection. Whatever level you are at - you use the level of protection that is most suitable
M - someone said earlier about the ‘heavy’ protection?
G - At this stage in our circle that's far too heavy for the job in hand - bit
like using a sledgehammer to crack a walnut -

Now we will get ready to close
the second piece of your HOMEWORK - you write your own closing intent
Together we say.
Thank you Eternal Spirit for allowing me to share in your Love and Truth
I now return to the time of my here and now on the Earth Plane.

At home I would now extinguish candleNow you can take off your pyramids - don’t drop the Amethyst on your toes!
Pull up your rootSip some water and……………… relax
Circle is now closedM - Can I smoke now lol
G - Yes - now that circle is closed


We will be looking at Spirit Guides and Angels and Gatekeepers

Written by Filgrave, Designed & Editing by Sol © Mystic Familiar 2003-04

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