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Mediumship Circle - Opening a Door to Spirit

Mediumship Circle

Mediumship Ethics, Responsibilities of the Medium

Circle 3 (16-3-04)

Welcome one and all, let us instead think on a more Spiritual level. Let us all concentrate on getting settled, nice and comfortable. Let’s start by Grounding ourselves;

- Grounding -

OK we move on……….now we are going to Protect

- Protection -

- Opening Intent -

OK…….. relax… that’s the hard bit over for a while. This week I want to talk about Mediumship and Ethics….. Medium - Origin 16th Century, from the Latin 'lit' - middle - a go between. I quote now from words given by Spirit and passed to me by my friend M.P.

“Your spiritual gifts are individual and special to you -
No matter that you may not have seen their full flowering
Maybe as yet you have not identified them…… that is not your task
Your task (as a Medium) is to provide a clear channel through which these gifts can flow
And flow they will, according as you steadfastly, patiently and with confidence, continue to provide the conditions conductive to their flowering”

As a working Medium our ‘job’ is to give - to give what we receive. We are not here to judge, convince, dispute or persuade. We are not fortune tellers. We can’t foretell the future - it does not yet exist! Spirit, however, because they are unburdened by physical minds and material influences, can sometimes take a much broader and long-sighted view of the likely outcome of our actions.

Then, of course, they will try to make us aware of these likely situations before they arise. However,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, that doesn’t mean that we have access to ALL the answers!

Mediumship is indeed a precious gift - although there are times when it may seem to be a Burdon! But it should be treated as precious at all times. It’s not a party trick, nor a side-show act, nor are we given it to use merely to impress people with.

The medium Eileen T Garrett once remarked,,,
‘Mediums who combine pseudo-religious pomp and circumstance with their messages are, in fact, encouraging a Cult of personal followers’

M > I'm sorry I don't really understand that
M> So leave ego at the door :D
G> M summed it up really
M > G means - people who create dependency upon themselves as being the one right way, etc.
M> But I'd like your definition of pseudo religious pomp please because I don't really get what you mean
G> I’m sorry -
OK, basically - gifted people who create an air of mystery or mystique over their gift
M> Ok that I can accept

When ‘working’ as a Medium we should bear in mind that there is no guarantee that a connection can be made - nor that any particular ‘individual’ will come through
We, mere Mortals, cannot call up Spirit people - we are dependant upon THEIR wishes to communicate …………..or not!

I just want to cover a few basic ethical topics now

Inflated ego appears to be one of the most common 'faults' to affect mediums

As responsible Mediums we shouldn’t walk around giving 'readings' just because we can or feel the need to. A reading should be given based on prior consent, individually given while in an ordinary state of consciousness

Mediums should respect and seek to preserve the autonomy and dignity of each person
(One of the reasons I don’t like to Channel in an 'open' room is because I rarely know what is coming through until after I have typed it and look @ the screen to read what I’ve typed)
It is quite common for Mediums to forget what they have said once a Channelling Session is closed

During a reading participants may be especially open to suggestion, manipulation and exploitation. As a Medium, therefore, you must use your integrity at all times and not allow anyone to use that vulnerability in ways that could harm participants or others.

Lastly.....................Charging or not for reading - can be an emotive topic.
I work on 2 principles,
The 1st: The Channelling is always free - however, I do charge for my time not always for material gain but Spirit is never upset by a fair exchange of energies. Any attempt to communicate with Spirit is, by its very nature, purely experimental and, therefore, results can never be guaranteed so,
2nd principle - NO connection - NO time = NO fee

Basically - use your gift in a manner that shows a loving respect for all.

As you walk this path your empath abilities will be fine-tuned too - and you will know when, if and what to accept - or not

G> Any comment or questions?
M > I have some questions please - you said earlier about messages being given in a normal state of consciousness?
G> yes
M> So where does that leave Trance Mediums?
G > I’m not a Trance Medium hun
M> yes but are you saying they shouldn't be giving messages?
G> No I’m not…… agreement to enter into any Spiritual activity should be individually and jointly agreed before hand
M > ok
M > may I add something?
G> Indeed!
M > I have come to believe that the veil between here and 'the other side' has thinned and, therefore, it may not be necessary anymore for a Medium to go into a Deep Trance

G > Deep Trance Mediumship is an technique that I’ve experienced in a Closed Circle but it wasn’t intended to be a part of/on my personal path, I am a Clairvoyant Medium

M > I also believe we are not necessarily meant to remember the messages we give
G> It is not for us to remember - it’s merely our job to Channel
M> I agree

Like I said earlier about Mediums forgetting a session after closing down….
If you are Channelling to someone you must endeavour to clarify any queries that they have when you are still in open and connected state - trying to go back hours/days later is not good practise. When we Close after a Channelling session we do so to make an end - it’s not our task to continue to carry any of it with us.

If you intend to continue with this Circle people I would ask that you start reading the Archives of this Circle so we can all move on together. In the next few sessions I want to cover types of Channelling and Opening to Spirit - but this will be held in a closed room because in this Room we are in an open situation - that is; the energy in the room is liable to interruption. Before we attempt to go further down the path and try Channelling within the room - we have to be 'tight' with each other. You should all be able to Ground, Protect and have your own Opening Intent for each Circle we hold - and personally understand WHY you need to adopt this routine.

M > What do you mean can I still come when its closed room?
G> If you feel that it’s a path you want to walk with us You are more than welcome But…… like I’m saying to everyone……….
We ALL got to be 'up to speed' on ‘basics’ before we attempt full opening to Spirit

Let us now get ready to close this Circle please

- All use Closing routine -

Circle is now closed - Sip some water and………relax

M > G may I ask you a quick question, do I belong here? I mean... where I am not connecting yet with spirit
G > You are most welcome to attend this Circle
M > I was just wondering because of not being advanced and not making contact at all.....
G> We all move at our own speed on our spiritual path, when the time is right for you the door will open hun
M > ok... I just didn't want to hold back the circle. Thank You
G> You wont hold back the Circle. This is all the boring ‘basics’ stuff we have to learn about and discuss amongst ourselves - its how we ‘bond’ and how the energy of the Circle is generated
M> I just don't know where I belong
M> if you didn't belong you wouldn't be here hun - just be patient
M> Ty
G> Part of belonging is just ‘accepting’

Working with Spirit is a very serious matter to me when the door opens it is truly wonderful - however, we all have to walk before we can run. When you first start your path it can be easy to be in awe of others more ‘powerful’ or more ‘advanced’ than you - but there is no race track on this path. Be comfortable with your belief and your abilities.
When the Room goes into closed session, in the near future, the ‘key’ will be available to those whom are committed …… ability - way down on list. It is all about energy.

M> How do we become part of closed circle
G> We walk that path together M - You read my Archive stuff?
M> yes
G > ok
1st step on path - Grounding & Protection
Next - Learning about and being comfortable with Spirit people that we may meet such as Guides/Angels, etc. Then we start to think about ethics and our personal behaviour.
Then we discuss our various beliefs and move onto ways of both Channelling and basic 'Connection' methods. This should help us in our essential bonding and becoming comfortable with each other within the Circle. When we are comfortable individually and as a working group - we go into Closed session and try Opening within the group.

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