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Mediumship Circle - Opening a Door to Spirit

Mediumship Circle

Channelling Spirit

Circle 5 (5-4-04)

Are you all settled…………. been to loo, got water, kicked shoes off, let your belt out & etc.??? We will spend a couple of minutes just tuning in then, forgetting the real world and concentrating on our Spiritual beliefs. You don’t have to fall asleep just yet - just get ourselves into a calm, chilled state. Tonight’s Circle is not going to be hard - we are only going to chat so I hope you’ve all got fit fingers?

M> G can I ask, what is the significance of Amethyst when Protecting ?
G> Amethyst is a good, all-round Protector it also aids in Channelling
It’s known as a Stone of Spirituality and Contentment
However, as you move further along your own Path you may alter the Crystal as you wish - to suit your personal choices
But for now - our 1st few faltering steps together - we use Amethyst because its all round nice xx

G> So…. we all nice and chilled and ready to start ?
All M> Y
G> Wow - a whole row of confident 'Y' - lets hope it stays that way!!!!
Hello all and welcome to Circle

- Grounding -

It is important that we are interactive as it raises the energy levels. It is important that we all understand how to ground and protect and also know why we do this. We all realise there is a need for each part of the process which helps us learn because we are active in the process.

- Opening Intent -

So,,,,,,,,are we all in and raring to go tonight?

I was having trouble earlier getting ready for tonight’s circle - I just couldn’t get my head around the proposed topic I was working on….I should have gone with my initial thoughts on it - just a chat session!

Tonight then we just going to chat again - as usual there is an intent.

The intent - before we move into closed Circle - is to get our energies activated and to be comfortable with each other. So we will be exploring (again - for some of you) each others Beliefs, and exposing any sensitivities so that we can now clear any possible ‘misunderstandings’ in order to attain a higher starting Energy when we go ‘closed’
Am I sort of making sense ? Y or N
M> Sort of..?
M> It’s to help us become more relaxed and connected as a Group M
G> The more comfortable we are - the quicker, smoother and higher the energy flow;
the more energy activated - the better the Connection
M> Yes understand M :O) just in happy smiley mode tonight :O)
M> The more :) the better!

I’ve got a few prompt cards in front of me,,, let’s see where they lead,,,,, I’ll type what I’ve got - then we can chat about it and explore

I claim to be a Psychic Medium!
A Psychic Medium can offer proof of life after death and reassure about the continuing existence of the departed person (If this Circle was run under SNU(UK), Corinthians or CSSI 'Rules'; an essential part of your development would be to demonstrate proof of contact) As this is the web, however, with all its limitations, we will be treading a path of Mediating.

Mediating is NOT connected to delivering proof of life after physical death But relates to living with Spirit-based intuition and inspiration on a daily basis.

Anyone want to comment - Y or N?

M> Just to say that a Psychic Reading is different to a Spiritual Reading
G> I hope that we will be able to discuss that in a while M
G> Psychics as well as communicating with Spirit People cover other areas such as, Career, life path, soul mate issues & health and personal development.

I also claim to be some sort of Spiritualist;
Spiritualism - a system of belief (or Religious practise) based on supposed communication with the Spirits of the dead - especially through Mediums, their Philosophy being - the doctrine that the Spirit exists as distinct from Matter or that Spirit is the only reality.

Anyone want to add anything? Y or N
All M> N

OK, think about that one - or, as they say ‘keep that with you’…..each time you Read.
We are not alone with our particular gifts - how we use them reflects not only on ourselves but on the whole ‘Spiritualist movement’ in its many forms
So,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,thats me for now - who else wants to share their belief with us?

M> Basically the same beliefs
M> Me too
M> :O)
G> Do you want to chat about the difference between Psychic and Spiritual Readings
M> Yes - ok
G> Lets start off on definition -by Readings we agree to mean to Channel I guess?
M> A Psychic gives you a Reading about general things like your health or how you feel but not any thing from Spirit
G> Where do you think a Psychic gets his/her info from then M?
M> Whereas a Spiritualist Medium gives your proof that life is continuous
G> Well its not quite so black and white as that …………
M> They often get it from reading the Auras
G> …………….It depends how and where and if the Medium who gives the Reading was trained
M> A Spiritualist proves it by messages from Spirit
G> Yes it is by SNU or similar but there are other ways also as we have already discussed that earlier
M. Ok
G> Anyone else got a view on this topic??
All M> N

So,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,a Medium;
Origins in 16th cent from the Latin 'lit' - middle
Psychic - relating to the Soul or the Mind
There are many paths and means to Reading - lets skip through a few,,,,
Runes - casting stones with symbols on and then interpreting them for the Sitter
Tarot cards - needs no explanation
Palm readers - study of the structures of the hands/palms
I Ching - throwing coins or sticks and then reading the hexograms that are so formed
There’s Automatic Writing - messages but received in a written form
I personally use my beloved Crystals or general Psychometry
Who has other experiences?
M> I’ve done photo readings
M> Flower readings
M> Artist readings
M> I had a sand reading once

I get my messages through imagery and scents - I’m Clairvoyant:
A person claiming to have Clairvoyance
From the French - Clair - Clear
Voyant - Seeing
There’s also -
Clairsentience - feelings - a different energy level of Empathy
Empathy- the ability to Empathize:
from the Greek em - in
Pathos - feeling
Understand and share the feelings of others
Clairaudience - the faculty of perceiving as if by hearing what is inaudible
Psychometrics - the ability to discover facts about an event or a person by touching inanimate objects associated with them;
When Reading using Psycmometry - pay attention to how it feels
and its texture, weight and temperature
For best results the item should be personal to the sitter

So - now my fingers are tired - I hope I’ve given you loads to think about. Lets see some busy fingers and chatting about topics I’ve covered

M> If its an object that another has worn is it possible to get mixed reading?
G> Its usually the energy of the last person to touch it M, however - yes you can get a cross connection

G> All the views I share here are my personal views You don’t have to go along with them if you are uncomfortable with them in any way
If you have any discomfort or conflicting views – please feel free to air them.

G> Has anyone seen a demonstration of Reading that I haven’t mentioned?
Tea leaves
Hand prints
Scrying / etc etc ?

M> What does it mean when u can hear someone speaking but can't make it out what they are saying?
G> Its basically a bad connection. You should go back to the source and ask for amplification or clarification.
M> Ok its because I have but couldn’t make it out properly
G> To do this contact your Gatekeepers and ‘read them the rules’! Sometimes we can just get crossed lines. However, I’m sure that if it was really relevant for you to be aware of the message, contained within the communication, you would be made fully aware of it.

M> What about Transfiguration ?
G> Transfiguration has gone out of fashion a bit these days - its heyday was early in the Spiritualist movement
M> Some don’t like it, find it distressing, sum find comfort
G> Has anyone witnessed Transfiguration?
Variouis M> Y
G> I am unsettled with it too - its kind of like edging on the ‘dark side’ – imho
It’s a bit like Ectoplasm Materialism - too deep for my vibration at this time
G> I used to work with Rune Cards in my early days - but I found their energy to ..Earthy
G> Who else has comments to make??
M> Well,,,,,,,,,don’t think that anything that can be perceived as distressing is good for Spiritual proof - but that’s my own opinion
G> Indeed M! - Spirit people by Natural Law are bound to communicate in terms of Love and Truth; they will not tell you anything that is going to worry or upset you

M> Can you explain what you mean about Rune Cards?
G> Rune Cards - like Tarot Deck but with Rune symbols on faces
M> I thought Runes were Stones not Cards
G> Stones were the original objects used but the symbols have been reproduced & printed onto cards now. You Read them in the same manner as Tarot or Angel Cards.

M> So when you get continuous distressing info, or events, this would be ??
G> Are the events linked to you personally?
M> They were yes
G> Were they premonitions?
M> Some were
G? Well I would suggest that you beef up your Grounding and Protection techniques You may be letting in negative energies
M> This happened a long time ago. But as some of the info was correct, could it still have been negative?
G> Sometimes - its not the energies that are negative - its how we in our human form perceive them and interpret them
Then you should contact your Gate-keepers and Spirit Guides and tell them that you can’t handle or know how to deal with what you are getting
M> k

You may think this is pointless and that I’m rabbitting-on,,,,but it gets us to know each other.
I’m scratching the surface on some topics here - just to get us chatting - if you want more in depth chat about these topics - bring it on - Its your Circle.

M> Can you give us your definition between the Spirit and the Soul
G> lol - I was hoping to save that for another time. Different Beliefs have different ideas about them - can we save that for another time?
M> np

G> So, who has had a Reading by any of the above methods - or a Reading using a method we haven’t covered???

M> Psychometry - Sand
G> A hand or foot print ?
M> Not a print - smooth sand - I had to make a pattern in it
G> OK - was that the readers usual way of working?
M> Yes… was pretty accurate…..well I think so It was at a Mind, Body & Spirit Festival ….about 6 years ago

M> I’ve had quite a few but most unusual for me was flowers
G> About your flower reading ?
M> It was nice reading
G> How was it done? - by Colour
Name association??
M> Not much Spiritually mostly Psychic stuff
Well we were all to pick flowers before we went -no one else to touch it or them
G> Where do you think Psychic stuff comes from?
M > no one else to touch it or them, then wrap bottom of flower and place on table b4 lady went on Platform - only to raise hand after her Reading
G> How do you mean its wasn’t much Spiritually???
M> Was more about here and now - that’s what I mean
G> Where do you think that information comes from?
M> I believe it Spirit and her Psychic ability
G> Maybe……….. for the Sitter the here and now was the most important aspect?

G> Ok – Ha anyone anything else to contribute??

M> Do you have a crystal ball?
G> lol - Nope mainly just tumbled stones
M> I just wondered - you liking your crystals lol
G> I saw one that really attracted me………….but it was soooo expensive
I guess it just was not ‘meant to be’
M> Crystal balls are extortionate!

M> Water in a dish can work as well I think
G> That’s Scrying
M> its best if u use black ink in a saucer - so I’m told
It’s not a method I have used b4 or experienced
Has any1 here experienced Scrying?
M> I have tried - got nothing
G> What is your regular channelling method?
M> Just through being Open

M> Ooooh! we forgot Tea leaves
My Uncle used to Read them and ordinary playing cards
G> Tea bags put leaf Readers outta work eh?
M> Yea - but you can still buy loose tea

M> May I ask something about Crystals? Well ….. I have been in shops with Crystals and feel attracted to them - is that because of their properties ....erm…I need something from certain ones I’m drawn to???
G> If you are attracted to then and can afford to - buy em! Research their energies at your leisure.
(For Channelling; wash your Crystals under fresh running water and leave to dry under a Full Moon - aids their Receptive Energies
The Sun is used to recharge their Healing Powers)

M> I also charge drinking water with them
G>> Me too, I also have them nearby when I’m using Reiki

G> Ok its time to get ready to Close

- Closing Intent -
- Protection -
- Grounding -

Circle is closed


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