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Elder & Child Guided Meditation

Elder & Child Guided Meditation

Imagine you are sitting at the beach.  Look all around you.  Notice the blue of the ocean, hear the sounds of the waves.  Look out at the water, see the dolphins and whales swimming carefree….notice the birds in the sky.   See the sun shining brightly.  See all the vivid colors and notice the sounds all around you………breathe it all in……

As you take this all in, look over to your right.  There is a pathway leading into the woods, flowers line this path.  Take this path now, walking away from the beach and into the woods.  Observe all the trees, look at the colors, the green of the leaves.  Continue on this path walking deeper into the woods, observing all around you.  Notice the quiet, the calmness.  Look up ahead….in the distance you see something faint approaching you….continue on.  Focus on what is approaching you.  It is coming closer.   Now you see two persons walking toward you, they are holding hands.  One is a very small child, the other, a very elderly, wise person.  You have now stopped, facing them.  Look closely at them, take your time, observing them closely.  Do you recognize them yet?  For the child is you and the wise elder is also you.  Together, they have come to bring you messages.  Now, take a few minutes to connect with them and when ready, ask each why they are here and what they wish to say to you.  There is no rush, for their message is important.  Once you have heard the message, please tell them anything you wish to share and bid them farewell knowing they are always with you and you can return at any time for more messages.

Now….. when all are done, please say ready and we will proceed on.

As you bid them farewell, watch them walk back down the path, hand in hand, deeper into the woods.   You now turn around and head back on the path out of the woods, feeling a new found connection within, continuing to notice all around you, as you leave the woods, notice the path takes you back to the beach, smell the sea salt, feel the breeze, see the birds, dolphins and whales…..  Sit back down on the beach, breathing in and out slowly.  Look over to the right and notice the path leading into the woods is still there.  Know it is always there and at anytime you can return to once again connect with your elder/child self.  Allow this all to sink in, continuing to breathe.  When you have all returned, say ‘Done’ and if you wish to share any part of this experience, you may do so.

Thank you all for sharing in this experience and the floor is now open for discussion.


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